Why Don’t You Take The Harry Potter House Quiz To Know Which House Member Are You?

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harry potter house quiz

So for a quiz to be interesting, of course there will be questions based on your preferences and choices you make in life! Read a little more about the Harry Potter House quiz before you start taking the quiz on the official site of wizardingworld.

If you are curious about which house in Hogwarts you belong to, you have to take the quiz which will tell you all about your traits. You know what the best part is, the Hogwarts sorting experience has been created by the great J.K. Rowling herself.

In the article, you learn about whether you are brave like the Gryffindor members or are you a complicated individual like a Slytherin member? Or are you smart as a stick belonging to the Ravenclaw house? Or is your personality all about the patience that Hufflepuff members express?

Why Don’t You Take The Harry Potter House Quiz To Know Which House Member Are You?

Why Don't You Take The Harry Potter House Quiz To Know Which House Member Are You_

In this article, you will not just be told about the quiz and what type of questions you might face! You will also learn about the characteristic traits that relate to the trivia of all the four Hogwarts houses.

Furthermore, it will be quite fun if you can guess which house is yours even before you take the quiz! Considering the four houses of Hogwarts have been founded by four other people, the traits of all the individuals belonging to these houses are quite different.

You do not need a sorting hat to tell you which house of Hogwarts you belong to! This article will do that for you once you take the Harry Potter house quiz.

What Connects You To A Specific Hogwarts House?

When you try the Harry Potter house quiz Pottermore, you will learn more about yourself! You will learn about traits that you have in your personal life after you give the quiz. Young individuals will learn a lot about themselves along with having great fun.

Read along to connect with the different questions and why they are being asked of you! When you start the quiz first, you have to register with your name and birthdate. The first choice is to choose between River and Forest as your place!

The second question is which would you rather be liked, trusted, feared, envied, imitated, and praised? The third question is about a situation where you need to tell what you will do. The next question is if you have any power, which will you choose? The options there are as follows:

  • The power to read minds
  • The power of invisibility
  • The power to change the past
  • The power to speak to animals
  • The power of superhuman strength
  • The power to change your appearance at will

After choosing which power you want, you have to make a selection of which animal you would choose to accompany you to Hogwarts! The options are cats, owls and toads. Even as you choose the animal, you have to select the specific kind for example snowy, screachy or brown in owl!

Then you have to choose which kind of people you hate the most such as ignorant, selfish, ordinary and cowardly! Also, then you choose the instrument that you want to select such as the piano, drum, violin and trumpet. Then you have to choose a side, right or left! The Quiz has given their decision!

Trivia Proves You Belong To Gryffindor

Did you know that if you are a true Gryffindor, you share your house with celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes, Kit Harrington and Andrew Lincoln! If you have been sorted in Gryffindor, it means you are determined, courageous and strong even in real life.

Know that you will be accomplished in everything that you do! Of course there is a trait of being restless and reckless but you have to be aware of this and accordingly lead your life. Did you know the mascot of your house is Lion while the color of your house is Scarlet and Gold!

Trivia Proves You Belong To Ravenclaw

If you belong to the Ravenclaw house, you are generally a creative and intelligent person. You are also self-sefficient even though at times, you are quite competitive. Your house color is blue and bronze while the mascot of your house is eagle.

Did you know that the ghost of your Hogwarts house traits is the Grey Lady. Did you know there are several celebrities who belong to the Revenclaw house are Jordan Fisher, Stephen Colbert and Kelly Marie Tran!

If you belong to this house, you are of course one of those who believe in bravery. At times, if you are a Ravenclaw, there is a high chance that you might also have an undertone of Gryffindor!

Trivia Proves You Belong To Hufflepuff

If after registering with Pottermore, you have been sorted into Hufflepuff Hogwarts house, it means you are kind, hard-working and humble. Furthermore, it has been confirmed by the author, J K Rowling herself, that good people belong to Hufflepuff!

Did you know even ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson is a hufflepuff? So if you are a Hufflepuff, celebrities who give you company are Ed Sheeran, Actor Rupert Grint of the fame Ron Weasley and Mathew Lewis, we know him as Neville Longbottom.

The mascot of your house is Badger while the color of your house is yellow and black! The founder of the house is Helga Hufflepuff who was not at all biased or preferential. Instead, it was more of a welcome all.

Trivia Proves You Belong To Slytherin

If you have been put into the Hogwarts house Slytherin, you are quite ambitious! The mascot that represents you is a snake while the house color is Green and silver. Furthermore, you are quite resourceful along with being a little cunning.

If you are in this house, you have strong leadership qualities and know how to take charge. In the wizarding world, you are one of the most powerful wizards. Trust me, it is a misconception that individuals belonging to this house are evil.

They are often misunderstood along with becoming easily misrepresented! They are strong as individuals and have strength to face challenges.

Finishing Off…

Now that you know all about which house do you belong to, do you actually consider that the Harry Potter house quiz is effective enough? You will get to learn about the traits that you actually have in real life that matches the house you have been allotted to.

You also get to learn all about why you have been put in the specific house. This will assure how important it is with regards to your personality!

Comment on what you think about the Hogwarts house that you are in and why!

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