When And Why Do Men Start Having Erection Problems?

Health & Fitness by  Sumona 20 January 2022

Erection Problems

As you become older, you may fear that erectile dysfunction is a normal problem of the aging process. Aging does not cause erectile dysfunction (ED). However, it can be one of the factors that cause it. Therefore, even though age may lead to ED, it should not in any way lead to loss of sexual satisfaction.

What are the causes of ED?

What are the causes of ED?

Erectile dysfunction is whereby one fails to engage in sexual activity due to the inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection. Before engaging in any sexual activity, one should obtain a strong erection. Therefore, lack of an erection leads to an end of erotic pleasure.

A number of factors can cause the male ED. Poor mental health causes ED. For example, when one is depressed, it is challenging to find concentration, thus affecting the firm erection needed. To achieve and maintain an erection, your nerves should be in the proper condition. Males with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease find it hard to achieve an erection due to nerve damage.

Also, hormonal imbalance is another factor. This is because low testosterone affects fertility and the ability to achieve erections. Males with vascular issues and cavernosal problems find it hard to obtain an erection or maintain it. Lastly, if you are under antidepressants, you are likely to suffer from ED.

At what age do you start losing erections?

Experiencing ED is inevitable as men grow older. This is the most common sexual health problem experienced by men as they age. It is difficult to pinpoint a certain age whereby the ED begins.

According to the study, at the age of 40 men usually experience first erection problems, at the age of 50 to 59 – 26% of men experience ED, in the age of 60 to 69 – 40%. As you can see, the prevalence of moderate erection problems increases with age.

It is challenging to find younger men having such issues. However, some of them can develop the problem at a young age. Among the young men, it causes is not the primary concern because it usually is situational. Therefore, young men can learn to address the triggers such as anxiety to reduce the ED problem.

What’s the link between age and erectile dysfunction?

Studies show that there is a massive correlation between ED and age. From the research carried out, males above 40 are likely to suffer from ED at some point in their life. Erectile dysfunction affects over 18 million men in the US.

The ED experienced by younger males is mostly situational or comes with episodes. The situation may include health problems. Therefore, even though it can be disappointing, there is no cause for alarm. For the other younger males, the ED can become a chronic condition from a young age and becomes prevalent as they grow older.

At the age of 45 years, there is a 5% chance of experiencing ED compared to a 15% chance for the males at age 70. Much research is needed to learn the exact causes of ED and age. However, it is assumed that this can be due to neurological and hormonal imbalances with age. Also, diseases such as cardiovascular are a common health factor that is likely to cause ED.

How to treat ED effectively

How to treat ED effectively

It is essential to consider the individual lifestyle that may lead to ED. Our lifestyle plays a massive role in achieving and maintaining ED. Some lifestyle changes such as engaging in physical exercises, abstaining from substance abuse, and avoiding stress positively impact treating ED.

Request a consultation with a medical professional if you are experiencing the first signs of ED. The doctor will guide you on the best treatment options by evaluating the extent of your problem. Due to the multiple available treatment options, you are likely to get back to having a firm erection and the best sexual pleasures.

If the problem persists, one should obtain help through psychotherapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is the most effective treatment. Clinicians are well-trained to address such problems in steps and provide enough sexual education.

Another option is seeking medication. Drugs such as Viagra have been manufactured specifically for men experiencing ED problems. This is a good option for men who have grown older, and other options such as changes in behavior are becoming ineffective. This drug helps relax the muscles in the penis hence helping to allow more blood to reach the penis.

A more permanent intervention when the other options become ineffective is medical interventions. This involves a penile implant whereby a surgical procedure is carried out, and an inflatable device is inserted into the shaft of the penis. This is the last resort to consider.

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