Heart-warming Reasons You Should Learn Engraving

Relationshipby Mashum Mollah05 December 2019


From rings to trophies, engraving is a significant part of showing love and appreciation. Besides, nothing screams love like a personalized gift.

If you’re the artsy DIY kind of person, you might want to get your hands on a laser and engraving machine for your next holiday, anniversary, or birthday gift. Maybe you can engrave more fun stuff at home as a new hobby!

Engraving is involved in so many emotional aspects of our lives.

Here are five of those instances where engraving can be heart-warming:

People can carry around something that reminds them of you:

Whether you give them a personalized engraves keychain or a bag tag, they can carry it around with them and have a constant reminder that they have you in their lives. It’s a simple gesture that could mean a lot to your friends and loved ones, mainly because your presence is one of the best things in their lives.

Romance usually involves engraving:

Engagement rings represent the bond and commitment of a couple. It’s a symbol of their devotion to each other. This is why couples often find time to search for the perfect ring to seal the deal, and

These rings are usually engraved with the following:



Two people in love often promise something to each other, and the ring becomes its reminder. (e.g., “I promise to love you forever,” “I promise to stay by your side,” “I promise to be your everything”)

A special quote:

Some couples have their “thing.” It’s that one quote that’s unique to them and bears a particular memory or significance to their relationship.

Cute, pet names, or endearments:

Because some call their significant others with a unique name, these are engraved in the ring to keep it even more personalized.

The date of their anniversary:

This one special day bears a great sentimental value, and even though they’re just numbers on a ring, it holds so much meaning.

Pets can be returned to their owners:

Imagine your dog wandering around, not knowing the way home. Then, a kind-hearted stranger finds them and notices a dog tag. Because the dog tag is engraved with information like the dog’s name, the owner, and the address, the stranger takes the initiative to walk your dog home. Everyone’s happy to be together.

It gives a little bit of motivation:

A personalized item can have any quote engraved on them. According to Jonathan Fader, Ph.D., a psychologist, and motivation expert, “It’sbuilding that self-efficacy in that kind of dialogue that you’re having with yourself.”Reading your philosophy or motto in life can turn a lethargic day around just by inspiring you.

The power of personalization:

Personalization seems to be an amazing idea, no matter what age you’re in. It’s a simple way to put a twist into a simple item. It shows people that you took the time and effort to come up with the gift. Because this becomes so close to you–the giver–and the receiver, a personalized gift will feel like you are willfully giving a part of yourself to the other person.

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