Here’s Why You Have to Think Your Office Design Through

Home Improvementby Ariana Smith26 March 2018

Office Design Through

When you close your eyes and try to picture the perfect office, what is it you see? Do you see a colorful, inviting, open-space co-working haven or something more streamlined, professional and authoritative? Are there a lot of beanbags, consoles or comfortable, leather office furniture?

Now try to do the opposite. Picture an office you could never see yourself working in. Picture a dreary, dirty old office full of clutter and aged furniture. Could you be productive in that type of environment? Do you think your clients would want to do business with you after seeing that?

Even a small change can make a huge impact in how your office designs affects both your worker’s productivity and sways your client’s opinion. That’s why if you’re starting your own business you shouldn’t leave office design to chance, but carefully plan every inch of your workspace.

Here is how you can make your office more appealing.

Design to Impress :

Your clients can learn a lot about your business practices and your values by visiting your office. Never underestimate the impact a first impression can have on people. Just like you’ll be trying to impress your clients or investors with your products and ideas, you should strive to do the same through your office design. If your office is in complete chaos, your clients will doubt your organizational skills.

When designing your office to impress your visitors, start from the lobby. Invest in an imposing but welcoming reception desk and comfortable and stylish lobby chairs for your clients to rest while they wait for their appointment.

Focus on Productivity :

No one can work in a cluttered office. An office that is well-planned will also be more productive. Think about the best lighting options, decorations, the choice of desks and file cabinets to store important files and avoid clutter.

Just by making a few small adjustments you can make the office more comfortable for your employees, which leads to increased productivity. You can also use colors to inspire creativity and productivity. You can learn more about how color influences our psyche here.

Boost Your Employees’ Morale :

When designing an ideal office, you have to think about more than just the workspace. Focus your attention on designing a dedicated lunch area, a lounge room with consoles, pinball machines, TV and comfortable bean bags. This will encourage your workers to relax and eat away from their desk. This will help them associate the desk with work and increase their productivity and boost their morale. It will also encourage your workers to socialize, promoting synergy in the office.

Plan for Expansion 

If you are a small entrepreneur, ideally you see your business growing in the next period. Sooner or later you might have to move to a more spacious office. But you should always plan for more people in your current office. Make sure to maximize the available space to accommodate new hires. This will help eliminate a lot of stress of having to find new employees a place to sit. If you’ve stretched your office to the max, perhaps it’s time to relocate. Just have all of these tips in mind as you design your new, larger business headquarters.

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