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DWI Lawyer

Hey, we all crave a little fun and adventure every once and awhile right? And there’s really nothing wrong about it. We live our days grinding ourselves to the bone trying to earn our keep. We wake up in the morning and gussy up real fast just to hustle for the next eight or twelve hours. For those a little less fortunate (or should we say, fortunately?), this hustling can even take longer.  This routine continues on and on and on up until our bones achingly plead for a break. Our toasted brains, too, seems to appreciate the thought of pausing for a little while. Check out:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2776465.

And you know what happens next.

One fateful day after work, as you hastily rummage through our desk, a thought comes into mind. “I deserve a break. Why don’t I pack up early and turn in for the night?” While that thought seems rather innocent at first, there’s a good chance it’ll evolve into something “extra pampering” as you tread your way home from work.

“Hey! There’s that local pub I haven’t visited in ages! A shot of bourbon on the rocks sounds rather nice.” You went.

Fast forward four hours into the future, you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, trying to plug the key into the keyhole that you seem to keep on missing, covering your mouth in an attempt to withhold the puke (excuse the term). At long last, you insert the key success and there goes the usual growl of a perfectly tuned engine. Dizzy, you waved goodbye to your imaginary friend. The streets were already enveloped with the sound of silence; the only thing making rounds in the street is that alley cat the local pound has never been able to apprehend. It was 3 in the morning and salarymen who have their paychecks in mind had no business roaming the streets this late at night – except you, of course. You were “unwinding.”

 Vroooooom! For but a brief moment, you dreamed you were the world’s greatest racer. People were cheering for you! They loved how you were driving at 140 kilometers per hour. It was all good fun. Slowly but surely, however, the sound of the crowd cheering was changing. This was no cheer; it sounded more like a wail. The colorful lights prancing around were no cameras. They were definitely no innocent flashes.

It was the police! And they were far from pleased from your little rendezvous.

To sum up the point of the whole story, drinking and driving are two actions that should never be done together (or simultaneously, strictly speaking). It is an act forbidden by law for your own sake and others (read more). While keeping the fun in your life is both important and healthy, certain limitations must be set for everyone’s safety. You know what they say; it’s all good fun until someone gets hurt. So instead of branding our dedicated officers as “killjoys,” we should be grateful that they’re keeping the peace despite how rebellious some citizens can be. You may not see the hassle or the harm caused by DWI or driving while intoxicated because you were the perpetrator of the incident but when the tables are turned and you end up becoming the victim of DWI incidents, you will understand why the authorities are so insistent with keeping things in order.

But What If You Were Wrongfully Accused?


Should you find yourself convicted of a DWI case despite not being “intoxicated” by any type of drug or alcohol, you can look for DWI lawyers from sites like The DWI Guys who can help you untangle yourself from the wrongful claim. And even if it was proven true that you are indeed involved in a DWI incident (either as the perpetrator, witness, or accessory), a DWI lawyer can still help you sort out the situation.

Having someone knowledgeable about the DWI law in Syracuse to assist and back up your case will definitely improve your chances of resolving the case without receiving too heavy damage. The fines and penalties involved in a DWI case are pretty demanding; it may even include considerable jail time. Imploring the help of an expert will surely increase the possibilities of getting the case closed early.

With that, I wish you luck! Safe driving!

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