Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated With Annual Fiesta DC Parade Even With Gray Skies  

News by  priyanjana kar 25 September 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated With Annual Fiesta DC Parade Even With Gray Skies

Even with gray clouds covering downtown D.C. the annual Fiesta DC Parade was hosted in downtown areas. The annual parade celebrates the diverse Latino cultures. Even after dark clouds threatened to ruin the vibrant event, the parade goers did not back down.

A parade goer told reporters “It can rain down as hard as it wants, but it’s not going to dim down the passion we have for this event.” The vibrant event consisted of a lively display of music, entertainment, and traditional costumes.

People who visited the parade were allowed to explore the uniqueness of Latin American countries. The vibrant Fiesta DC parade started at Constitution Avenue near 7th Street’s iconic National Archives building. The parade made the streets alive with vibrant colorful balloons and represented country flags.

Jocelynne, the Senorita Ecuador was in the parade as its ambassador. She mentioned how, “Latinas, and especially Ecuadorians, are not just the stereotypes you see in the media. We’re professionals, we’re students, and we’re really leading the discussions here in DC.”

In this year’s event Ecuador was selected as the “Country of Origin.” As the “Country of Origin” Ecuador got the opportunity to highlight its rich history, culinary delights, vibrant customs, and artistic expressions. Spectators were lining up the route to see the parade and dance troupes while observing if rain would stop the parade. But no dark clouds could ruin the parade-goers mood or stop the parade.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from 15th September to 15th October every year in the U.S. This month is to honor and celebrate the cultures, histories, and contributions of U.S. citizens with Latin heritage. These citizens had ancestors from the South American countries, the Central American countries, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Spain. The theme of 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month is “Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress in America.”

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