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The American Eagle (AE) gold coin has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful coins. It’s sought after around the globe for its detail, purity, and value. The AE gold coin is popular among both collectors and investors for many reasons.

This particular gold coin is a popular part of the American Eagle coin program originally launched in 1986, but that isn’t the start of its history. Not many coins have such a historical significance or depict the heart of a country as the AE gold coin. Here’s what you need to know about the history of the AE gold coin.

Design History

At the turn of the century, President Theodore Roosevelt petitioned the reigning Treasury Secretary for permission to commission new coinage designs without asking Congress for permission. President Roosevelt then hired a talented sculptor and artist by the name of Augustus Saint – Gaudens to add some beauty to American coinage.

Augustus Saint – Gaudens proceeded to create a gorgeous likeness of Lady Liberty that continues to be used today. She is facing forward, robes blowing in the wind, with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. The artistic excellence of the design has made it an icon among artists and numismatics around the world. The image has become so popular that it is still used today.

Fast Forward

In 1985 President Ronald Reagan signed The Gold Bullion Act into law. This act set the stage for this Coin Program and the continuous release of the American Eagle gold coin. The American Eagle Coin Program releases both Gold and Silver American Eagle Coins, with the AE gold coin being by far the most popular.

Each year the Mint in the U.S. is required by law to issue enough American Eagle gold coins to satisfy public demand. The AE gold coin is guaranteed by the United States government, and it comes in four distinct sizes. Collectors and investors can purchase 1 oz coins, half-ounce coins, quarter-ounce coins, or one-tenth-ounce coins.

Commemorating Excellence

This gold coin commemorated its 35th year in the American Eagle Coin program in 2021. Since the United States Mint produces and guarantees the AE gold coin, it cannot sell to the public. Collectors, investors, and other interested parties must purchase these coins from the United States Reserve or other reputable precious metals companies.

The reverse side of the American Eagle gold coin features a newly designed Eagle with plenty of design and strike detail. The new design is the first change since 1986. It is a portrait of an eagle that was beautifully designed by artist Jennie Noris and later sculpted in detail by Renata Gordon.

While the American Eagle gold coin was one of the first to be backed by the United States government, new design changes were recently approved. However, the Mint will continue striking and distributing the original design until newer, refreshed designs become available.

How Is An AE Gold Coin Different From Other Coins?

The American Eagle is different from other coins in a lot of ways. Those working in the mint have noticed a lot of reverse and obverse designs related to these coins. For instance, the figurehead is usually presented on the coin’s obverse side. Consequently, a significant monument or some special event is presented on its reverse side.

This astounding gold coin comprises a full-figured building of the Liberty and Capitol right on its obverse side. It is a clear indication of its difference from a conventional portrait. On the coin’s reverse side is a design crafted by Miley Busiek Frost. Further, Sherl J. Winter sculpted it and made it a legendary gold coin.

The design symbolized the family tradition as well as American unity. A male eagle is seen carrying an olive branch above his nest and carrying his hatchlings and a female eagle. Saint-Gaudens remains the first to create such designs appearing on the $10 Eagle and $20 Double-Eagle coins.

Is It Significant For Investors?

The coin is of noteworthy interest to most investors owing to its relatively low cost and increasing value. If you are an individual seeking sound investments in the gold sector in the future, an American Eagle will simply boost the value. It is heightened owing to the fact that bullion coins have great value for the weight they carry in precious metals.

Ever since the time it was launched, the AE gold, as well as silver bullion coins, kept garnering the interest of people. The observing spot price of it provides investors with multiple alternatives for their physical assets. This interest has continued to increase over the past few decades because of the rising value of metals like palladium and platinum.

Get Your American Eagle Gold Coin Today

The American Eagle gold coin is released every year to be distributed and purchased. Whether you are a collector or an investor, this gold coin is an amazing piece to add to your collection. It’s known for its beauty and purity and is recognized around the world. This is one coin that is sought out globally and often referred to as one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Since it’s backed by the U.S. Government, this particular gold coin will hold its value, and the odds are that it will increase over time as the price of gold increases.

Owning an American Eagle gold coin is like owning a piece of history. Its historical significance and value are unrivaled in the industry. Few coins impact the industry, like the AE gold coin. It’s more than an investment in a coin collection. It’s an investment into American history. If you don’t yet own an American Eagle gold coin, you should purchase yours today. The American Eagle gold coin contains 1 full ounce of .9167 pure gold to ensure its value. Purchase your American Eagle gold coin from a reputable precious metals dealer today and own a piece of American history.

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