Your House is Not a Home? Dress Those Blank Walls

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah13 April 2021

Dress Those Blank Walls

What story do your walls tell when they speak? The first thing visitors notice when they enter your home is not even the stunning family photos or the landscape stills. It’s the art.

Canvas prints exist on a higher spectrum of artistic supremacy, merging seamlessly with walls, blending with finishes, and drawing in the looker. Here are some of the ways to make your walls sparkle with canvas prints.

Show your personality:

Choose designs that reflect your personality and the overall feel of the home. You can use various themed prints, from abstract to nature prints. You can have elephants in your rooms, maps, travel destinations, or people in a busy street.

Take your time and go through all the options at your disposal. With the right print, a bland wall can spring to life and turn your place into a happy space.

Mind the size of your home:

This is critical not only when buying but also during the installation of canvas prints. Use a single large print on the wall to create continuity between your walls’ top and bottom. If you have other art pieces in your home, you might want to leverage horizontal space by framing your canvas on bookshelves or mantles.

Embrace timelessness:

Will your tastes change a few years from now? Will the trends in interior décor affect your current print selections? These are critical questions to answer when selecting canvas prints for your home. Choose art that will stand the test of time.

Timeless wallpapers and canvas prints are designed to never go out of style. They blend well with different décor pieces in your home. They strike the right balance between vintage and glam. You can never go wrong with neutral shades—creams, greys, and whites—even if you decide to repaint your entire walls pink a few weeks from now.

Create a focal point:

In all simplicity, a focal point is the biggest show-stopper in the home—the element that attracts the most attention when someone walks into your home. How can you achieve that with canvas prints?

A large magnificent canvas print centered off the big sofa creates a stunning focal point on your room’s biggest wall. You can also create a gallery wall of smaller light-colored canvas prints against a black wall. It makes a plain space feel more dramatic.

Mix and match:

Mix and match

Mix multiple wall decor styles. You can take one more step in the direction of originality by using amazing canvas prints inspired by nature sandwiched among dangling frames of family photos or antique pieces.

This will definitely uplift the look of your walls and create visual interest. Push your creativity limits to create unexpected combinations between your canvas prints and other art pieces to reflect your artistic personality.

Consider the room design before choosing print:

Before you settle on a canvas print size, test your walls with large and small pieces of paper taped on the wall. This will give you a hint of what art size is ideal for your room’s design.

As for colors, you will have to consider your existing wall paint and the psychological effect you want to create with the incoming prints.

Choose abstract prints for your home office to create a relaxing yet professional ambiance. For the living rooms, if the walls are bright yellow for energy, choose a relaxing color shade for your canvas print, such as cream or green.

If your objective is minimalism, go for black and white prints. Use them in combination to achieve a vintage-inspired look. But then, to choose these two colors for your prints, your walls and furniture mist have toned down colors.

Canvas prints can add life to any living space. Use these tips to create the home of your dreams without blowing your budget.

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