How Lighting Affects Your Home’s Vibe and Ambience

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Lighting Affects

One of the elements in interior design is light. It is considered a critical aspect in any space. It creates synergy with all other elements, giving it life and maximizing each of its full potentials. Aside from its functional purpose, it is just as important in setting up the mood and ambiance in your home.

Having a good amount of knowledge on how lighting affects your home’s vibe and ambiance will help you make the best out of your lighting fixtures. From being just one of your furniture or electricity installations to becoming your home’s mood-setter.

There are various types of lighting settings that can make your home happier, livelier, or even gloomier. A single change in angle can immediately affect the vibe and ambiance of your home. Let us take a look at the different lighting positions that may affect both your emotion and mood.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting

In interior design, light can be categorized into three; task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting. It is equally important to know the purpose and what tasks would be undertaken in each space in your home. Task lighting is used for its defined purpose which is to better see what you are doing.

It creates the contrast between the object or task you are focusing on and the environment you are surrounded with. This gives you relief from headaches and eye strain. That’s why having a lamp on your home office desk and getting an adequate light on your kitchen counters aids in bringing focus to your tasks.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used when you want to emphasize an object that you have in your home that you are so proud of that you just want to showcase to all of your guests. This type of lighting is widely used in museums and art galleries.

This helps in drawing people’s eyes to your favorite thing that you want to show off. It may be your collection of miniature avengers characters or a beautiful and exquisite painting. You might consider mounting track lighting or picture lighting.

Mood Lighting

When it comes to adding ambiance to your home then let the mood lighting do its job in helping your home achieve a cozy atmosphere. It can shift the mood of the occupants in a room. Emotions and the light surrounding a person are connected.

If you are exposed to bright light with reddish hues, feelings of warmth inside you will increase. Meanwhile, feelings of uneasiness will increase when bluer light is more dominant. Light sets the atmosphere and at the same time defining the texture, color, and line of your home.

Focus More with Bright

A study entitled Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2014 examined the link between brightness and emotion. It is found out that the intensity of the light has a direct relationship to the intensity of both positive and negative emotions of an individual. Not just the intensity but also the color of the lights affect an individual’s mood.

Bright light helps in stimulating your brain and in turn increasing serotonin levels which helps you focus more and concentrate. You should consider having compact fluorescent bulbs or LED or even wireless LED strip lights in your home. The light should be bright enough to help you energize and be focused on your tasks.

Increasing the intensity of a bright light also increases the intensity of the emotional response of a person. So, if you go inside a room that is vibrating and illuminating with bright harsh light, you will feel warmer and your emotions would heighten. Whether you are feeling happy, excited, or sad and lonely,  you would feel twice your emotions when you are surrounded by bright lights.

Relaxing Through the Night

When the dark seeps and night comes, a dimmer light makes you feel more at ease. It gives you the transition from being busy with your work to be ready to fall asleep. This time your brain secretes melatonin to help you and your body rest. Lowering the intensity of the light, preferably setting it at warmer color temperatures.

Also, you should avoid using your phone because it emits a blue light that interferes with your circadian rhythm disrupting your slumber time.

Natural Lighting is Always a Good Idea

Mimicking the outdoor light or incorporating natural light into your home brings many benefits. Just like having a bright light inside your home, natural light or daylight helps in increasing productivity but also helping you feel relaxed at the same time, just like how dim light helps in regulating human circadian rhythms.

Aside from it being energy efficient, it helps in your overall health. It increases your happiness and energy levels. A 2006 report shows how there is a link between sunlight, our mood, and circadian rhythm. Maximizing the natural light inside your home keeps your serotonin level up and keeping you away from feeling depressed and sad. Showering yourself with good and healthy sunlight makes you feel healthy and energized as well.


Lighting is indeed very important in setting up the atmosphere and ambiance of your home. Let your creativity take place in choosing the lighting that you prefer in the comfort of your home. Remember that you are not limited to the lighting fixtures that you can find in your local stores. There are many other sources of light that you might even do through DIY.

The key to a happier home is to have a better lighting position. Set the mood. And don’t forget to play with the light.

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