How to be More Productive When Working at Home

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More Productive

Remote work is more popular than ever today as major companies like Twitter and Facebook lead the work-from-home revolution.

It seems like there are more people working remotely than in an office. The rise of freelancers, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and at-home employees has created a shift in the landscape of employment.

What seemed once like a dream come true for you may have had some problems in reality, though. The rose-colored glasses are removed and you’re realizing that you have to shift how you once tackled the workday.

Without someone standing over you prodding you on, it’s easy to talk yourself into breaks or get distracted. If you want to be successful, though, only you can take control of your work habits.

How to be More Productive When Working at Home:

Grab and put into action these five strategies to help you be more productive when you are working at home.

1. Get in a Routine

Successful entrepreneurs often advise that the most important part of your day is the morning routine. What do you do when you first wake up that jumpstarts your day?

If you’re not sure how to establish a strong start or wonder if your current habits are enough, check out the SAVERS example. Recommended by many mental health and financial guru experts, your routine should look something like this.

  • Silence for a few minutes to start your day with calm thoughts as you meditate, pray, or just sit quietly.
  • Affirmations as you remind yourself of your worth and how you are going to reach your goals.
  • Visualization, during which time you imagine your goals for the day or future, and what you need to do to reach them.
  • Exercise for a short time to get the oxygen flowing to your brain and blood pumping.
  • Reading any material on self-improvement or educating yourself further in your industry by seeing what other experts are doing.
  • Scribing with journaling or writing to get your thoughts on paper and organize them.

The whole process can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Don’t look at it as a waste, though. It’s actually going to add more time in your day because you’ll be more productive and efficient after you’ve adjusted your mindset right.

2. Dress the Part

No Zoom conferences or meetings with clients? It’s tempting to make it a pajama day then! But avoid this temptation if you want to be productive!

Experts say that when you dress professionally, even if you’re working from home, it changes the way you view your job.

Your mind associates comfy clothes and pajamas with relaxing. Work attire is worn when it’s time to think and pay attention.

Keep this association going in your brain by dressing the part when you are at home doing your job. Otherwise, it’ll be easy to talk yourself into a nap or other distractions.

3. Go to the Office

You might not be getting dressed, hopping in the car, and heading to your job, but you can keep the routine going.

Once you’ve gotten ready for your day mentally and clothing-wise, it’s time to go to the office.

Create a space in your home where you do your job and only your job. Don’t let your personal tasks encroach into your work area any more than you would have if your job was in an actual company office.

This serves multiple purposes. It puts you in the frame of mind to work with less distractions. If you can separate the room entirely, it limits the reminder that you’re at home and could be doing other, more fun, things. And it acts as a silent notice to others that you’re working and shouldn’t be disturbed.

4. Set and Share Your Rules

When you work from home and share that space with others, rules are not only important, they are crucial. Starting with your schedule, make sure everyone understands when you can and can’t be disturbed.

It’s a common misperception that just because you’re home and you’re quiet, others can talk to you. What if you’re on a call or in a virtual meeting? What if you’re balancing a budget or writing? Those tiny interruptions can disrupt the entire flow of your thoughts.

Set ground rules for your friends and family, but also for yourself. Stick to a schedule, allow yourself occasional breaks, and leave work at work at the end of the day.

5. Make the Most of Software Programs

Technology is your friend. There are so many programs out there that can make your day easier once you know what you need.

As you notice your tendency to be distracted by your phone, for instance, you can download program-blocking apps. Time management software reminds you how long you’ve spent in the black hole of social media or other unproductive places.

The right customer resource management (CRM) software limits your need to juggle from one program to another. You can manage your calendar, generate invoices, work your website, and do so much more to streamline your day when you invest in a CRM.

When you know what you need to be more efficient, look for it online. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when chances are, there’s already an app for that.


There’s a reason so many multi-million dollar companies are switching to the remote work experience. It really does give individuals the chance to be more productive, if they can handle the autonomy.

With these five tips, your work-from-home experience can be successful and enjoyable!

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