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Bucks Party

When it comes to planning a bucks party in Brisbane, it can feel like there are almost too many options. With so many party venues and catering companies to choose from, how do you choose the right one? We’re here to help provide you with some Brisbane bucks party ideas!

Step One: Pick a Date

The first step is to pick a date. This can be an easy task or it can be difficult, depending on your group of friends and how much time you have in between the wedding and other major events in your life.

  • It’s best if you pick a weeknight because people are less likely to have plans during the week. It also avoids potential conflicts with work or school schedules, which would make it difficult for some people to attend.
  • If possible, avoid picking dates that are too close to other major events such as weddings (no one wants to feel like a third wheel), Christmas Day (because many people will be traveling), or exams/tests at college/university (chances are most people won’t want their grades affected).

Step Two: Consult the Guest List

Now that you have your theme and location, it’s time to start planning your guest list. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start compiling the names:

  • How many people should be invited? This depends on how big a place you’re renting and how much food/drinks will be provided. It’s also important to think about how long each activity will last—if it’s going to take over an hour, don’t invite too many people; if there are only three or four activities planned for the night, feel free to invite more people! If it’s possible for guests to bring their drinks and snacks (especially if they live locally), consider doubling or tripling your guest list so that there are plenty of refreshments available.
  • Who should I invite? You’ll want at least two wedding parties at this point: one group of close friends who will help plan the event with you and another group of close friends who might not be able to help out but still want to be involved in the festivities! If this isn’t possible then definitely ask one person from each group above because they’ll each have different points of view when it comes time for decision-making later on down the line so having both sides represented is crucial.

Step Three: Create an Itinerary

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for a fun evening, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty details. It’s important to plan your itinerary carefully so that your bucks party isn’t too long or too short and everyone has a great time. Here are some tips on creating an itinerary:

  • Don’t overdo it with activities: One of the best things about planning an epic bucks night is that there’s no limit on what you can do. However, don’t go overboard with plans—you want people to have fun, not be exhausted by all their options! Keep your activities short and sweet so no one gets bored or tired before dinner arrives.
  • Don’t overbook the venue: You might have several options for places where you could host this event (e.g., restaurants, bars, hotels), but make sure none of them are completely booked out before choosing one for your party night! If possible choose something in Brisbane City or the New Farm area where there are plenty of other bars nearby if things get boring at yours (which they won’t!).
  • Don’t forget about dinner: You’ll need enough time between activities so everyone can eat something before heading into another activity; we recommend anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1 hour would be sufficient unless otherwise specified by each venue owner/manager – if anything goes longer than that then just let us know beforehand so we can plan accordingly 🙂

Step Four: Book the Venue

Once you’ve decided how many people you want to invite, it’s time to book your venue. You should choose a venue that is appropriate for the number of guests, has a bar, and enough room for everyone to dance. A private bar is also essential so that there are no rush charges during the night.

The venue will be responsible for supplying tables and chairs, but you can also hire some extra decorations if desired such as balloons or streamers. If possible, try to get the venue staff on board with your theme ideas so they can help make them happen!

Step Five: Sort Out the Catering and Beverages

The menu is one of the most important parts of planning a bucks party in Brisbane. You want to make sure that you’ve got something for everyone because you don’t want anyone left out or feeling like they’re eating second best on their special day! It’s also a good idea to get some idea of what kinds of food people are into so that you can cater to that as well. Think about what different types of foods your guests enjoy or might even be missing from home if they’re from overseas – this could be anything from roast lamb to fish & chips!

Some restaurants will offer discount prices for large groups booking on weekends – if possible take advantage of these discounts by booking during off-peak times such as Tuesday night (or even Wednesday!).

If this isn’t possible then consider splitting your group into smaller groups so each gets their table in case there isn’t enough space elsewhere; alternatively consider hiring private room(s) instead which have more flexibility around pricing as well as allowing other activities such as gambling tables, pool tables, and wine barrel hire in Perth, etc.

Step Six: Get Creative with Decorations and Extravagance

The right decorations can make a party memorable, so don’t be afraid to be creative with them. Use the theme of your bucks party as inspiration for your decorations and invitations. If you’re going all out for a ‘Great Gatsby-themed event, consider using some of these ideas:

  • Use roses and candles instead of balloons for an old-fashioned feel
  • Hire a photographer who will take group shots dressed in 1920s attire
  • Have guests dress up as their favorite characters from the film (Bubbles anyone?)

Step Seven: Plan the Activities

Now that you’ve worked out what activities your bucks party will have, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of planning.

Firstly, you need to consider the safety and legality of each activity. For example, if your venue has a maximum capacity and/or certain safety requirements (like a fire alarm and extinguisher), it will be necessary for you to ensure your plan is compliant with these requirements. You might also want to check whether there are any restrictions on certain activities in your area.

Next, think about how well each activity suits the venue where your party is being held. For example, if there aren’t enough tables available at the venue for all of the guests who’ll be attending or if there isn’t enough space for people to stand without getting in anyone’s way during games like bean bag toss or darts then maybe some other games would work better instead?

You should also make sure that each game is suitable for both: yourself as well as everyone else involved (for example not everyone likes ice cream cake). If someone doesn’t enjoy this particular type of dessert then they might not want one – even though they may have said they did while participating – which could lead them feeling left out later on in proceedings when everyone else has eaten theirs already!

This can lead to problems such as bad moods being caused by disappointment over not getting anything sweet after all that hard work preparing food beforehand, so make sure everybody gets something nice too!”

Step Eight: Entertainment and Vaping

Vaping is a great way to socialize, relax and celebrate. Vaping can also be done in many different ways. One of the ways is using ​​an Arizer vaporizer. For example, if you want to unwind after a long day at work then vaping is a great way to do that. You can choose from an array of different flavors like mint choc chip or blueberry cheesecake depending on your preference.

  • For entertainment, make sure to have games available for the guys to play. It’s a great way of getting them all out of their seats and having some fun while they’re waiting for the next part of the party to begin.
  • If you don’t know anyone at your bucks party, then it’s up to you as host to make sure that everyone gets along! It can be difficult when there are so many people who don’t know each other sitting around in awkward silence but just try your best and be friendly with everyone.
  • A large group of friends can sometimes seem intimidating when trying to find something fun for everyone – especially if most people are unfamiliar with one another. In this case, it’s helpful if someone takes charge of organizing activities such as karaoke or games like beer pong or flip cup which involve multiple players competing against each other (and drinking). Make sure you find an AV hire in Melbourne that can get your venue equipped with speakers, TVs, staging, projectors, video screens, and more.
  • If none of those options appeal, think back on what made past parties memorable: maybe it was playing cards together? Or watching Netflix documentaries? Whatever makes sense here will work because no matter what happens at least it’ll be memorable!


There’s nothing worse than a boring bucks party. The whole point is to celebrate your friend’s impending fatherhood and make it memorable. We hope that this guide will inspire you to plan an epic bucks night in Brisbane that will be talked about for years to come!



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