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Photography by  Ariana Smith 20 December 2018 Last Updated Date: 25 December 2018

Photo Print

If you’re looking for a gift that is personal, beautiful, and will be deeply appreciated, a high quality, the professionally-printed image can be a unique choice. Choose from a variety of sizes to create a large piece of wall art or smaller to be framed and placed in a specific location. Metal prints are a particularly good choice for high dimension, vibrancy, detail, and resolution. They also look great borderless and in color, black & white, or monochrome.

You’ll need to own the rights to the image, so it should either be yours, theirs or purchased from an artist or photographer. If you plan on taking a photo or creating digital art to be printed, the following list can help you with inspiration and get your creative juices flowing. You may need to announce what your gift is going to be in order to get their favorite image or talk about what they prefer for the walls in their home. How stunning the finished print will look is all the surprise you need.

Find a professional, online printing store like Print Partner that offers a range of sizes, mediums, finishes, and presentation options for your piece. Their metal prints use a state-of-the-art sublimation technique that infuses the dyes directly into the metal for superior color, resolution, and durability. They service the novice and professional photographic community and use the latest archival printing techniques for all their materials, including canvas and acrylic prints.

Consider these ideas for your print:

Portrait.A family, couple, or individual portrait is a classic choice that looks great in the living room, bedroom, or open concept houses. Candid shots add a touch of authentic personality, especially in familiar or meaningful locations for the shoot. Or, pick a favorite photo of yours or theirs to display for a feeling of special nostalgia.

Pets. A favorite picture of a current or former pet is a sweet choice for many animal lovers. If you’re planning a photo shoot with their dog or cat, you’ll likely get several adorable choices and can create a photo set.

Location Feature. Visit a special location that is meaningful to them. Maybe it’s a park you like to visit together, the place their partner proposed to them, or their favorite spot to read or reflect. Keep subjects out of the image and focus on the place itself.

Colour Palate. Choose an image or piece of digital art that matches their décor. Learn more about selecting wall art for rooms here.

Special Subject. Choose subject matter or a focal point related to something the recipient loves, is passionate about, does for a living, or is a hobby of theirs.

Collage. Edit a college or print multiple images to create a photo mosaic of a mix of ideas, designs, and inspiration. They could go in a three-piece set in a line on the wall, be arranged in a unique configuration, or be edited as a college in the image itself.

If you’re not sure exactly what they’ll like, or if you’re afraid of printing a large piece that they have no room for, etc., eliminate the guesswork and let them choose, discussing your ideas with them first. The piece will be adored no matter what.

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