How To Increase the Lifespan of a Building

Real Estateby Mashum Mollah23 June 2021

Increase the Lifespan of a Building

It takes a significant investment to build a house or office. The construction work takes years to income that is spent within days. It can be really difficult to see the same investment going to waste. No one wants to spend more money on the building after you have spent so much one time.

In the worst-case scenarios, people have to demolish the buildings and rebuild them from the scratch. No one wants to see that day but it is inevitable if you make serious mistakes in maintaining the house. Here I have shared how you can increase the lifespan of a building.

Take Help of a Professional Architect

Take Help of a Professional Architect

A professional without a doubt knows better. You might have past experience, you should not try to handle everything yourself, especially when it comes to designing a building. It’s best that you take the services of a professional architect even if it’s going to cost you extra. Just getting the map approved is not enough.

An architect would take many other little things into consideration, including the climate of the area and the type of sand in your property. They will create a design that will ensure the safety of the building from all possible threats. You might recognize these issues later and then you will have to spend on refurbishment. A professional would already know all these things and design the building in a way that ensures long life.

Coat the Concrete Floor

Coat the Concrete Floor

The concrete floor is important for the strength of every building; however, you should not just rely on it. It is best you get it coated using the concrete floor sealer of Hychem. It might sound like an extra expense, but it will save you more in the long term. The concrete floor is not very aesthetically pleasing and it starts to wear off with time. It makes the floor more durable and gives it chemical resistance among many other benefits.

Keep it Safe from Water

Keep it Safe from Water

Water is a blessing for mankind, but it is the enemy of a building. If you want to keep a building healthy, you must ensure that it is protected from water. You should get weather paint on the outer parts of the house, it will keep the house safe from rain. Other than that, you should not let water build up anywhere around the world. If there are any leaking pipes in the house, you should be able to find them as soon as possible. It will be a serious problem if the water gets to the foundation of the house.

Don’t Plant Trees Near the House

While greenery adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house, you should not plant very close to the house. You should have a garden and plant all sorts of flowers and trees but keep them away from the walls of the house. You can put pots in line around the wall for the greenery and beauty. The roots of the trees and the water you give to the plant can damage the house and its foundations.

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