5 Things To Watch Out For As The Internet Evolves

Internetby Arnab Dey02 May 2023

Internet Evolves

For digital natives, people who grew up since childhood around technology, including the internet, adaptation is the essence of life.

Whether a new phone hits the market or a new game changes the landscape of the industry, digital natives take everything in stride without breaking a sweat. Yet, even today’s Gen Z might have a tough time imagining what the internet will look like in twenty or thirty years. In that time, some of the current fringe trends will likely become central to how the internet operates.

Checkout Five Prime Things To Watch Out For As The Internet Evolves

Here are five things to watch out for as the internet evolves.

1. Gaming Will Be Immersive

Gaming Will Be Immersive

The future of games and the future of the internet are tied together, which is why gaming will be immersive as the internet evolves. Online games are already on the way to creating immersive experiences, including Fortnite, but the line between games and daily internet activity is going to get even more blurry with time.

The internet will allow people to play and interact across different worlds, often referred to as the metaverse. Platforms that allow users to create the world as they play will become the norm, just ask Unity CEO, John Riccitiello. The internet will evolve to embrace this kind of gaming in all genres and across multiple platforms.

2. Wi-Fi Will Be Permanent

One thing that all experts agree on for the future is that eventually, Wi-Fi will be permanent everywhere. The idea that people have to connect to various local networks as they move from one place to another is going to be obsolete one day. The internet is developing along a route that leads to universal connection, even though it may take some time to get there. 

What does permanent internet look like? It’s essentially a constant connection, something that people will take for granted because they are never disconnected from the internet. At some point in the future, people will likely plug into a network at all times of the day, 24/7, 365 days a year without the option of unplugging or disconnecting from a server.

Some of the benefits of permanent internet are: 

  • Increased access to educational resources
  • Improved equity for small businesses
  • Fewer instances of outages and downtime 
  • Better economic efficiency for developing nations

3. Connected Economies Will Soar

digital transformation

As the internet continues to change and transform, connected economies will soar. In the current digital landscape, only 14.6% of sales could be categorized as e-commerce. Over the next 50 years, that’s likely to change dramatically.

Every year the percentage of sales online continues to grow quite dramatically, and the evolution of the internet will enable more and more services and retailers to connect directly to consumers. Both big and small businesses will find that being connected pays off, and this will even impact global economic trends.

4. AI Will Replace Low-Skilled Jobs

While some people may find it upsetting, AI isn’t going anywhere and will eventually replace some low-skilled jobs. As the internet becomes more and more widely available and faster, artificial intelligence programs will also become more reliable.

The amount of computing power that’s needed to run an AI program now exists in the cloud instead of in physical servers. This has made it possible for AI to start accomplishing a lot more. Jobs such as content creation, video creation, making music, and more will all feel the presence and threat of AI.

5. Virtual Reality Will Be a Mainstay

Virtual Reality

Even though it feels niche right now, virtual reality will be a mainstay when it comes to Internet 2.0 in the future. Whether people will have to rely on clunky VR headsets or new technology will evolve to allow a more immersive and collective experience, no one knows for sure.

However, the popularity and usability of VR are not in question. At some point, many daily activities that take place on the internet will transition to VR experiences.

In reality, the evolution of the internet is happening daily in small and sometimes unseen ways. Unless a major cultural shift happens, it looks like life is going to take place on the digital plane from here on out.

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