Is a Non-Denominational Church Biblical?

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Non-Denominational Church

What are non-denominational churches and why is it a big deal if they follow or don’t follow the Bible? Firstly, it is important to mention that non-denominational churches are not rigid, they are open and take Christianity differently than Protestants or Catholics. Secondly, what you should know is that the Bible is for Christians and non-denominational churches are biblical. Which is the reason why it is linked with Christianity.

How do Non-Denominational Churches Set Their Belief System? 

Interestingly, all such churches have their preferred beliefs. It will not be wrong to say they all have different beliefs on particular practices of Christianity. However, if we go deeper, it comes to us as a surprise that everyone, like literally every non-denominational church, keeps the Bible above anything else. It means whatever is mentioned in this Holy Scripture is taken as the main dictating or governing factor in the non-denominational world.

Non-denominational churches have different belief systems but they are not totally out of biblical reference. For example, when it comes to baptism, the concept is to cleanse the soul, right? This particular concept of Protestant Christians is nullified by non-denominational church beliefs. According to non-denominational churches, the concept is to not just cleanse the soul but also the entire presence of mind and body too. Here, the conflict is thus made on the sprinkling of Holy Water and immersing the body, from head to toe.

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The Core System of Non-Denominational Churches

Instead of popes, fathers, and clergies, some leaders and directors help members to maintain the structure of the non-denominational church. Likewise, authority is not anything like that of a protestant church. It is far and beyond which is the reason why non-denominational churches are considered open-minded and not rigid. The openness is for everything from religious concerns to rulings.

Usually and mostly hierarchical structure is maintained by the last priest in denominational churches. But when we talk about non-denominational churches, it is mostly controlled by the members of the congregation. They are the ones who reflect on beliefs that should be part of a church.

So, what you must know in context to whether non-denominational churches are biblical or not is to understand their core beliefs. Apart from the fact that most non-denominational churches have their own beliefs, there are still some rules which are set for all of the same kinds of churches.

For example, all non-denominational churches come from Christianity. None of these churches come from any other religion. That is the main reason why non-denominational churches are linked with the Bible.

The second important point to remember is Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Since he was crucified, he was resurrected and upon calling, everyone will get to see him again. There is one more core belief – the Bible is the perfect form of words from God. It doesn’t need any reduction or addition in words.

So, in short, non-denominational churches are some primary and secondary concerns. The primary ones are solved and handled with the most essential beliefs. On the other hand, secondary problems or concerns in religious matters are handled differently, upon preference and priority.

We can understand the above statement with the help of examples. Primary matters are whom to pray to, and secondary concerns are whom to seek forgiveness after committing a sin.

Last Words: Are Non-Denominational Churches Biblical? 

If you are looking for a one-word answer, let us say YES. Non-denominational churches are biblical in many ways.



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