What Are the Key Opportunities You Can Leverage with Header Bidding?

Marketingby Mashum Mollah20 May 2021

Key Opportunities You Can Leverage with Header Bidding

If you’re an advertiser, you must leverage the correct methods to get the most out of the header bidding technique. It has been a revolutionary solution for publishers and advertisers. It is an advanced programmatic technique that is a win-win for both parties.

In this article, learn some of the key opportunities out there.

What is Header-Based Bidding?

Header bidding is a type of programmatic media buying and purchasing system where publishers open up their ad inventory to several ad exchanges at once. This means a lot more advertisers are bidding for the same ad space.

This form of advertising is preferred by publishers since 31% see an immediate increase in revenue. In the coming future, more and more publishers are going to offer their ad space via the header-based bidding system. So, as a publisher, learn about the key opportunities available in this domain to maximize your revenue.

Decide if You Should Monetize with Header-Based Bidding:

Not all publishers should monetize their websites with header-based bidding. First, you need to evaluate if you have enough traffic. Google Ad Exchange network requires at least 10 million page views per month. Next, you need to understand your inventory mix, stock of resources, sales priorities, and policies.

Moreover, there might be technical requirements that you must take care of. So, research thoroughly before implementing header bidding on your website.

Select Client-side Header-Based Bidding:

There are two categories in this bidding. One is client-side, and the second is server-side bidding.

In client-side bidding, the auction takes place on the user’s browser. The benefit of this is that the cookies installed on the browser can better target users based on their actions and behavior. Advertisers, too, can access higher bid levels and will be willing to pay more.

Server-side bidding, on the other hand, is auctioned on dedicated servers. While it loads fasters and saves bandwidth, the targeting is usually below par. This means fewer advertisers are willing to bid on the available spaces. So, wherever possible, opt for client-side header bidding.

Test Continuously:

Testing is the key to succeeding and maximizing your revenue in header bidding. After you’ve implemented the code on your website, you need to optimize it by testing. You should always track a few critical metrics, like price, fill rate, and bid rate. Besides that, you need to measure the bid response latency and creative latency. After optimization, expect to see a significant increase in your revenue.

Select a Demand Partner Wisely:

Demand partners are the ones who will deliver the ads to your website. They aggregate various ad platforms and serve the ads. To get the maximum results, you need to go with the right demand partner.

Before working with one, carry out thorough research on each prospect and read the reviews. This will give you a good idea of what to expect. Many publishers fail to see their website underperform before they work with a wrong demand partner. So always select your partner wisely.

Header bidding will evolve as time passes by. As a publisher, you should be aware of these changes and tweak your strategy accordingly. With the correct approach, you can maximize your revenue.

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