Kitchen Trends To Embrace (And To Avoid)

Home Improvementby Abdul Aziz Mondal21 July 2023

Kitchen Trends To Embrace (And To Avoid)

Your kitchen is one of the most essential parts of your home. It’s where you gather with loved ones to share a meal, and even in the most mundane way, it’s where you get sustenance and enjoy the foods you like. The kitchen in your home needs to be functional, of course. However, because it’s a palace where you spend so much time and a focal point of your house, you always want it to be beautiful. 

So, when designing your kitchen, you want to find the right styles and designs that suit your needs. Generally, it’s best to find a balance of timeless design elements without looking outdated. This means you don’t want to focus too much on trends, although you can incorporate some of them. 

If you’re remodelling or planning a kitchen in 2023, here are some trends to embrace and some to avoid. 

Embrace: Neutral, Light Colors

While lighter, neutral colours like tan and white have been popular in home design for a while, they aren’t going away anytime soon. Lighter colours are a good idea if you want your new kitchen or kitchen upgraded to look modern and have good resale value. They help the room look more open.

However, you don’t have to shy away from colour completely. Adding in some elements of colors like blue or green is on trend, and you can add these colours in a way that’s easy to replace in the future. 

Avoid: Separate Coffee Areas

Making coffee at home has always been popular, but coffee-shop-like creations really took off during the height of the pandemic. People on social media shared recipe ideas, and many have kept up the home coffee, as it’s an excellent way to save money.

This has ushered in a trend of kitchens with separate coffee areas. While having counter space for your coffee-making appliances is wise, most people aren’t going to use these enough to make it worth it. It’s a trend that will likely fade

Embrace: Partitions

One central question in home design right now is whether to do open concept or closed concept. Closed-concept kitchen and dining areas are good for people with children or who work from home. However, the open concept can make a smaller area look bigger and brighter.

So, for a great middle ground, you can add creative partitions to your kitchen and dining rooms. 

This way, you get some separation, but you don’t have to set up entire walls that can be more restrictive. 

Avoid: Strange Shelving Shapes

big trend right now in design is shelves with weird designs or shapes, such as U elements. While these may look funky and interesting, this trend is unlikely to last for long. Of course, if you like this look, you should incorporate it. Still, it may impact resale value down the line, and you may find yourself tired of the less practical setup in just a short time. 

Finally, Do What You Love!

In a practical sense, you may find some kitchen design trends are more sufentanil and more likely to look modern for longer. However, at the end of the day, it’s your kitchen. If you love a trend, even if it doesn’t seem as practical, you should include it. Every individual and family uses their kitchen in slightly different ways. So, what works for one household may not be best for another.

Having fun and building the kitchen you love to be in is also important! So, take what works for you and leave the rest. 

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