What You Should Know Before Buying A Plate Carrier

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Plate carriers are what police and soldiers wear to hold extra armor and protection, and although they have been available to the public for many years, many people still don’t know what they’re all about or how they work. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the basics of plate carriers to help you better understand why they’re important and how you can choose the right one for your needs.

What Is A Plate Carrier?

A plate carrier is basically an armored vest that can hold hard or soft armor inserts. The plates are generally used for protection against handgun and shotgun rounds, although some high-quality carriers can stop rifle rounds. A lot of modern military vehicles feature high-hardness steel armor, which requires ceramic or metal plates in order to be effective. 

Whether you’re looking for protection in war zones or want to make sure you’re prepared for your next zombie attack, there are quite a few reasons why every prepper should own at least one plate carrier.

2 Types Of Plate Carrier

2 Types Of Plate Carrier

A plate carrier is not just an armor carrier. Every modern plate acquirer has some significant differences from the traditional ones, and now plate carriers are available in various forms.

 Here are the two different types of plate carriers which you can select.

1. Ballistic Vests

A plate carrier, also known as body armor, vest, or simply plate, is an armor platform capable of protecting vital organs against ballistic threats. Ballistic vests are distinguished from heavy protective jackets in that they offer more excellent ballistic protection and can be worn by civilians. 

As police officers and civilians alike demand more comfort and convenience when carrying protective wear, it is no surprise that ballistic vests have developed into much more than simple flak jackets. 

For example, military use has developed into standardized load-bearing equipment to support arms and ammunition across all military branches. Law enforcement uses have developed into standard police utility belts used across North America. Civilian use has developed into sporty tactical styles for paintballers to casual everyday wear for coffee shops.

2. Clothing Systems

A plate carrier is an integral part of any modern combat uniform. It will protect you from fragments, stop low-caliber rounds, and prevent slashes. Even if your uniform is made of advanced Kevlar® cloth, it doesn’t hurt to wear additional body armor during dangerous situations. 

Just like with tactical gear for other parts of your body, there are certain considerations that need to be made when choosing your plate carrier. So what should you look for? Read on!

Benefits Of Wearing Vest Kits

Benefits Of Wearing Vest Kits

I’m sure we’ve all seen footage of soldiers or law enforcement wearing body armor and wondered to ourselves why they would wear such an uncomfortable-looking plate carrier vest. 

  • The reality is that body armor does, in fact, offer added protection from even high-powered rounds. Granted, you don’t want to make a habit of getting shot at.
  • It doesn’t hurt to have some extra protection for your core and vital organs. 
  • After all, getting shot once or twice certainly beats not wearing body armor and getting shot several times because you got caught out in an open area without it.
  • Other than protecting your body from bullet attacks, these vests are giving you mild protection from piercing weapons.

Disadvantages (Drawbacks) Of Plate Carriers

The plate carrier, as with many high-tech pieces of gear, has its drawbacks. 

  • The main disadvantage of plate carriers is that they’re not very comfortable. But you don’t want to be distracted by discomfort when you need your equipment working at maximum capacity. 
  • Another problem is they’re heavy and bulky. You wouldn’t want to wear one for hours on end during peaceful times. These issues are offset by their usefulness and importance in war zones and training facilities where shooting or other combat exercises occur.

Wrapping It Up:

When you are selecting the plate carrier, make sure you know the utilization of the carrier first. Most of the modern plate carriers have various attractive features. But when you are going to select the plate carrier for yourself, research the products first. Go through the online reviews of the products, then select the product.

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