How Do I Know If My Drains Have Collapsed? Top 5 Signs to Look Out For 

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The drains issue can cause prolonged disruption to a property, both on the inside and outside. It might be challenging to determine the root of the issue – or even whether there is an issue in the first place – but ignoring a broken drain for an extended period can result in a very expensive repair bill. 

5 Signs Of Drain Malfunction And Breakage

5 Signs Of Drain Malfunction And BreakageWhen it comes to drain damage, a collapsed drain is on the more severe end of the spectrum, and you need to arrange for a professional inspection as soon as possible. 


It is undoubtedly beneficial to be aware of the causes of the collapsed drains; but, to assist you in determining whether or not your drain has collapsed in the first place, we have compiled a list of common indications to look out for.

1. Backups And Obstructions

As you may imagine, drains that have collapsed do not function properly. In some cases, obstructions and sewage backups may be a common occurrence, depending on the severity of the damage. 

If you notice that your drains are backing up frequently, it is possible that a collapsed drain is to blame. A visual inspection of your drains should reveal any damage or distortion in your pipes that need to be repaired. 

2. An Unpleasant Smell 

A pungent scent of sewerage in or near your home or building may indicate that there is a crack or collapse somewhere in your drainage system. However, an intact and sanitary drain system will be airtight, so you should never experience its smells. 

If you can, there is a problem somewhere that needs addressing urgently. The unpleasant smell is a clear indication of the drain’s breakage. Keep your eyes open for these indications.

3. Sinkage In The Yard Or On The Lawn 

One such sign that your drains have collapsed is a depression in your yard or under your concrete walkways and gardens. The dirt may disperse as a result of a damaged sewer mainline that is regularly flooding the ground with water, causing visible sinkage. 

This is called subsidence. This is a common sign of drain breakage. Often the underground drainage systems have a channel, which is going under the lawn. If the drain gave some types of malfunctions, you would find a pimple-like water-filled blister in your grass carpet lawn.

4. Lush Green Patches On The Lawn 

If you notice an unusually green and rich patch of grass in your yard, it is possible that there is a sewage leak underground caused by a collapsed drain.  Leakage from your main line into the surrounding soil will provide the surrounding grass with additional nutrients, resulting in a lush and greener appearance. 

Keep your eyes open for this sign. You have to be more careful when the drainage system is going under your lawn. And the drains breakages are not only going to harm your sanitization systems. Your lawn’s soils are also going to be destroyed.

5. Cracks And Structural Damage 

Foundation problems, such as cracks in your foundation slab, foundation settlement, and, in certain situations, sinkholes, are more severe signs of the drains and pipes collapse. 

A large void under the foundation or in the yard may occur if the main drain running under your slab develops an untreated leak that continues untreated for an extended period of time. This could cause cracks in the foundations, structural damage to your property, and a sinkhole in the worst case.

However, simple cracks and holes can be treated at home. If you can find the problem prior, you can sort out the issue without taking the help.


When you have a collapsed drainage pipe, the cost of repairing it and the trouble it caused make it critical to catching it as soon as possible. Early detection of collapsed drainage systems may allow you to reduce the expense of the repair or replacement. In addition, the drains are the central part of keeping your sanitizations well functioning. So keep your drains protected and operating by a simple maintenance process.

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