What to Know When Renting Space For Your Massage Business

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Massage Business

Massage businesses( especially myofascial release therapy) have become more crucial for the routined body stress of mankind. Most massage business owners rent spaces for their businesses. This is cheaper than buying or building a room. It is also more convenient and more comfortable to run a profitable business. In this post, we look at things to know when renting space for your massage business;


One of the essential elements you need to consider when renting a space for your massage business is the location. Below are some things you need to know about the location;

1. Is the location close to your clients?

The location of the rental space needs to be close to your clients. When clients are looking for businesses to purchase products and services, they consider the most convenient location. The best location for a massage business should be close to transport facilities like a railway or road. It should also be in the line of quality foot traffic. Choosing a location close to your clients is a good marketing strategy.

2. How does the environment look?

Massage Business

The appearance of the place from the outside is also a significant element you should know when renting a massage business space. The place needs to be attractive. A massage parlor is a type of aesthetic business. Therefore, it needs to be attractive so that clients can come in. You may want to consider the other business in the area, the beauty, and the idealness of your business’s environment. You should consider the type of clients you want to attract. Naturally, elite clients will go for attractive businesses.

3. Is there adequate parking in the location?

Note that a massage business is not like a store where people walk in, purchase a product and walk out in a few minutes. In a massage business, clients have to spend time within your premises. Therefore, they will need parking for their vehicles. The last thing you want is to miss out on clients because of a lack of parking. Therefore, you need to consider the availability of ample parking for your clients.

4. How accessible is the location?

You need to check if the entrance is marked correctly. Your clients need to be able to access your facility quickly. You can go a step further and consider if the rental space offers handicap accessibility. This would be an added advantage because most businesses do not offer this element.

5. Are there any shared common spaces with other businesses?

Before you come into this specific question, you first need to know if you will be sharing the space with any other business. Most of the time, hiring a solo business space tends to be too costly. Therefore, businesses end up sharing the same place. However, if you have to share the space, it would be best to relate the businesses. For instance, a massage parlor would share a space ideally with a salon. This would be beneficial for both businesses because they can share clients. Most of the time, if you share a space with other businesses, you will have a separate room for your work. However, the different businesses will share common spaces like a bathroom. In such cases, you need to know who is in charge of maintaining the bathroom and how far is it from your rental space. You also need to know the operating hours for the other businesses or neighbors.

Before you rent a space for your massage business, you need to ask the above questions and find the answers. This information with significantly come in handy for your business.


Another significant element you should know about a business space before you rent it for your massage business is how secure it is. The area should be safe for you, your clients, and staff if any. You need to check if the area has a record for insecurity. The area should also be secure for your business tools. It would help if you had security from theft, harsh weather, and a wide range of dangers like collapsing roofs or dangerous building materials. You can acquire all this information through a walkthrough.

Elements covered in the rent

When renting, you need to go through the agreement carefully to know if your money will cover other elements. Such elements are; heat, air conditioning, electricity, and the internet, among others. All this information should be available in your rental or lease papers.


Another thing you need to know when renting space for your massage business is the cost. You need to make sure you can afford to pay the rent, cater to the necessary amenities, and still profit. You may want to consider different spaces, renting services, and locations for the best prices. However, it would help if you considered the above elements as you look at different prices.


Searching for an excellent rental space for your massage business can be hectic. However, with the assistance of companies like Occupyd, the process should be hassle-free. The company will help you locate the best rental spaces in your location.

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