Unlocking Personalities Of Kpop Artists: A Dive Into MBTI And Recent Achievements

Newsby Ankita Tripathy21 November 2023

Unlocking Personalities Of Kpop Artists_ A Dive Into MBTI And Recent Achievements

In the dynamic world of personalities, MBTI, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, stands out as a tool categorizing individuals into 16 distinct personality types. Take the Virtuoso (ISTP), for instance— a personality characterized by introversion, observance, thinking, and prospecting.

These individuals thrive on independence, blending inquisitiveness with personal skills, and embracing both solitary moments and time with loved ones.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the K-Pop world. If you have been wondering about the K-Pop artists who share the ISTP personality type with you, you have reached the right place! Here are some of them that you need ti take a look at:


Recently, SUGA from BTS engaged in a candid conversation with K-pop senior Taeyang on ‘Suchwita,’ a segment on ‘Bangtan TV.’ The discussion touched on various aspects, including SUGA’s foray into a solo career, echoing the support of fellow artists like Taeyang.


TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) soared on the 2022 Annual Circle Chart, securing spots across global K-pop charts, album charts, and more. Their prominence, with three songs and four albums on the 2022 Circle Chart, underlines their growing influence in the K-pop scene.


IVE continues to make waves globally, with their single ‘After Like’ re-entering the Billboard Global 200 chart. The group’s inclusion in the Grammys’ ‘Top 10 K-pop Rookie Girl Groups to Watch in 2023’ reinforces their impact on the industry.


VIVIZ, comprised of former GFRIEND members Eunha, SinB, and Umji, is set to release their third mini-album, ‘VarioUS.’ The group’s ability to adapt to new music trends while maintaining their originality showcases their versatility.


TWICE introduces their new song, ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,’ a Miami-based pop track radiating their unique loveliness. Following Nayeon’s successful solo endeavors in 2022, TWICE remains a powerhouse, continuously proving their status as a global top girl group.

Insights Into The Personalities:

BTS’s SUGA: A dedicated recluse, SUGA is not just a musician but a caring member, contributing even in the smallest aspects of his group’s life.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Hueningkai: The group’s maknae, known for his visual appeal and performance skills, adds a fun touch to group activities while caring for his fellow members.

IVE’s Yujin: As the group’s leader, Yujin takes responsibility, exploring ideas through creativity and hands-on experience, ensuring the well-being of everyone.

TWICE’s Nayeon: The spirited bunny of the group, Nayeon, welcomes interest in their projects, exuding joy and openness.VIVIZ’s Eunha: Transitioning from GFRIEND to VIVIZ, Eunha adapts to new music trends while maintaining her originality, embodying a natural maker.

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