Learning How to Play Guitar During the Pandemic

Musicby Mashum Mollah08 February 2021

Learning How to Play Guitar

Are you learning how to play guitar during the pandemic? Well, we don’t blame you. COVID-19 has infected over 104 million people and forced us to remain indoors more than ever before. With ample time to kill, learning the guitar’s an amazing way to ease the boredom and do something useful.

But that doesn’t make it easy! Like any new skill, mastering the guitar takes time, effort, dedication, and a whole lot of practice. Want some top tips to make your life easier and speed up the process?

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Get Online Lessons

Learning guitar’s hard work at the best of times. But it’s even harder when you try to do it alone! That’s why we recommend getting some guitar lessons from an accomplished guitarist along the way.

Now, traditional music lessons might not be possible during the pandemic. There are plenty of guys and gals online who are chomping at the bit to help you learn though! You could even check out websites like theguitarlesson.com for more home-based learning opportunities.

Watch YouTube Tutorials

Don’t worry if you’re not willing to invest in your learning just yet. The internet’s jam-packed with amazing resources for you to leverage. The best place to start?


Type in something like ‘beginner’s guitar lessons’ and you’ll be spoiled for choice! Expect video after video on chords, scales, guitar tabs, reading music, music theory, and everything else you need to know to learn the guitar during the pandemic.

Practice Every Day

Practice makes perfect, right? Keep that in mind as you set out to learn the guitar. Nobody ever became a musical maestro without putting in the work.

We recommend practicing for an hour every single day. Commit to doing it and you’ll come on leaps and bounds in no time. Be sure to challenge yourself as well though- repeating the same songs and scales every day will never deliver the results you need.

Be Patient

We all know the old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s a good mantra to remember whenever you try to learn a new skill- especially one as hard as an instrument. Patience and ongoing commitment will both be essential if you wish to be adept at the guitar.

Expect ups and downs and plenty of plateaus along the way. Stick with it, though! Push through the challenges, love the process, and you’ll soon see results.

Remember These Tips for Learning How to Play Guitar

Have you been wondering how to fill your time now that COVID’s forced us all to stay indoors? Well, learning how to play guitar would be an amazing way to do it! Commit to the task and you’ll come through COVID with an enviable new skill under your belt.

With any luck, the tips in this post will help you do it. Keep them in mind and you should be a few steps closer to guitar playing proficiency. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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