Mastering Linkedin Private Mode: Boosting Your Networking In 2023!

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Linkedin Private Mode

LinkedIn is one of its kind, considering it is a social networking site solely based on business and professional networking. But what if you need to check someone’s business profile for certain confidential reasons without them knowing about it? It is where the LinkedIn private mode comes in!

The LinkedIn private mode will help keep your activities confidential and allow you to browse incognito! So, how does this mode work? Do you know anything about how to use the LinkedIn private mode?

LinkedIn is an efficient way of building new business along with efficient marketing, promotional events, and networking. I was hoping you could read the article as I will write about LinkedIn Private mode, the features, the benefits, and the drawbacks.

Mastering LinkedIn Private Mode: Boosting Your Networking In 2023!  

Mastering LinkedIn Private Mode_ Boosting Your Networking In 2023!

The LinkedIn Private Mode is available with a free plan; however, there is one limitation: you will also miss out on the information if you turn on the private mode! You cannot check any information regarding who checked out your profile for at least 90 days.

You will also not be able to have any information or data from previous use. You cannot access any information regarding who checked your profile if you turn on semi-private or private mode! You cannot retrieve any information in private if you are accessing LinkedIn for free.

However, on the other hand, LinkedIn Premium plans allow you to check who viewed your profile. Premium accounts of Sales Navigator plan, Business account plan, and Career account plan can access statistics and analytics of their profile visitors!

Having premium accounts helps you check others’ profiles without disclosing your information and yet receive the profile details of the person who views your profile.

What Is LinkedIn Private Mode?  

What Is LinkedIn Private Mode_

Private mode LinkedIn is made possible with the “visibility” feature, which is quite handy because it helps you visit someone’s profile without appearing in the search.

When you have a free account on LinkedIn or a premium account, when you visit someone’s profile, you will appear in the feature “Who’s viewed your profile”! However, people have recently become more aware of the risks of unknown people visiting your profile.

According to the reports, every 39 seconds, one cyber attack happens. Hence, it is  acceptable if someone does not want others checking out their profile. This feature also helps in protecting your identity with others.



All LinkedIn users, free and subscription users, can access LinkedIn private mode from settings. However, there are certain limitations for free users, which I will talk about in the article. There are three options for implying private mode on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Private (Full) Mode  

The mode is a complete shutdown where no profile information is exposed or shared. When you apply this mode, no related information will appear in the search of who has viewed the profile!

Name And Headline Mode  

According to the settings of LinkedIn, when you apply this mode, the picture, headline, name, and industry will be shown to the people whose profile you have viewed.

LinkedIn Semi-Private Mode  

In this mode, LinkedIn, the semi-private mode will be about some of the profile information such as job position, knowledge of the company you work in, and your name.

When To Use LinkedIn Private Mode Efficiently?  

When To Use LinkedIn Private Mode Efficiently_

As a LinkedIn subscriber, you will be notified when someone views your profile. You will receive notifications like other alerts when you browse LinkedIn in private or semi-private mode. There is a feature called “See all views” where you can click on it to look, thus looking at their LinkedIn profile.

With a free subscription, there will be some additional filter statistics and prevent you from viewing who viewed your profile in 90 days. There are several reasons why one can use LinkedIn Private Mode!

Optimizing Profile  

If you are trying to optimize your profile, you can sometimes view profile LinkedIn profiles! It is to learn about other ways to make your profile attractive to recruiters. Certain good practices will help your profile to be noticed by recruiters.

However, checking other unknown profiles might seem awkward, especially where there is a probability of them feeling security risks. It is when you can keep your LinkedIn profile in private mode so that neither you nor the one’s profile you viewed.

Researching Your Competitors  

This is the most obvious reason, considering when researching your competitors, there is a high chance that it might be awkward if they know you are checking the profile. In the business networking world and professional industry, keeping up with competitors is important.

It is, therefore, important to check up on your competitors, their new strategies, and how they are achieving success. To browse the network and learn about postings made by competitors and their business strategies, you can turn your private mode on.

Recruiting Candidates  

As a recruiter, you can keep your LinkedIn private because sometimes you might just be checking or shortlisting candidates and do not want them to know about it. Sometimes, you have a job opening as a recruiter, so you might want to check candidate profiles!

However, when you check a candidate’s profile and if they do not match, there is a high chance that they can approach you because you are visible to those who visited your profile feature. To prevent that, you can activate the private mode, thus not getting the candidate excited before you approach them.

Advantages Of LinkedIn Private Mode!  

Advantages Of LinkedIn Private Mode!
  • LinkedIn private mode benefits LinkedIn users because it will not share your information with others whose profiles you might have viewed. Privacy will be safeguarded, especially if you are someone who is viewing another’s profile.
  • Privacy is an important aspect of any practice. Hence, the LinkedIn private mode efficiently safeguards your information from other unknown LinkedIn users checking your profile.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn Private Mode!  

Disadvantages of LinkedIn Private Mode!
  • When you question, how to make LinkedIn private? You have to go to your profile page and select the settings. You have to go to the “Settings & Privacy” option and select “visibility”! You can choose “Change” which you can see the “Profile Viewing Options” leading to choosing “Private Mode” and saving it!
  • There are potential social media stalkers, with this ” visibility ” feature under Settings in the drop-down menu. When you activate this mode, there is a high chance that with the privacy being activated, you are allowing social media stalkers free access.
  • The private mode in LinkedIn also impacts your networking opportunities because it shuts down all prior information related to search results. Within 90 days, you cannot check any information of people you view on your profile.

Finishing Up!  

So, when you turn on the private mode, you not only prevent other people from checking your information but also lose your prior data. You can protect your information from others when you check others’ profiles.

When someone activates the profile private mode, there is a high chance of encouraging social stalkers. People who stalk others on social networking sites can easily turn on the private mode to hide their information from the ones they are checking.

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