What’s The Difference Between Live Chat And A Telephone Answering Service

Businessby Ariana Smith26 April 2018

Live Chat

The difference between a company that thrives and a company that struggles could be as simple as the customer service they provide. This one thing is so essential and fundamental to a business running smoothly, it needs to be paid close attention to.

It’s great you have found this article as you are probably looking for solutions to improve yours. If so, there are some great USA phone answering services and virtual receptionist that can bring out the best in business via great customer service.

If you are debating on which route to go down – live chat or telephone answering – read this article for guidance. We will discuss the purpose and functions of both so a business can make the right informed decision.


This service is provided by a remote team of receptionists who deliver the following tasks:

  • They pick up phone calls around the clock. This may be in the early hours of the morning, during the day or at night.
  • They will also take calls on bank holidays at times when staff count is low and call volumes are high.
  • They can re-direct and connect customers with the right people in the team.

Telephone answer should guarantee the following happens:

  • Customers are left feeling happier as they can talk to a real human immediately.
  • Customers get a first impression of the company as waiting times are lowered and they don’t reach a machine.
  • Customer satisfaction is increased.
  • Staff can answer and help customers in a professional manner understanding the full ins and outs of the company.


When it comes to living chat, it is definitely a great option to have. As customers cannot always take the time to phone if they are at the desk in an office, the chat is much more convenient depending on the business.

 Live chat will achieve the following things:

  • Establish customer communication without them having to leave the brands website
  • It can be available all day and night
  • Increases customer satisfaction and sales, according to research.
  • It makes interaction easier, quicker, and more direct. Boosting convenience for both staff and customers.

How To Know What Your Business Needs :

 So now you know a little more about the fundamentals of the two services, you may still be wondering which will work best for you. Both services have their pros and their cons but the great thing is that both enable customers to access companies easily.

It may be best to check the most frequent way clients get in touch currently. If the answer is email, then maybe live chat is best. However, if you mainly get calls, telephone answering will work.

Ultimately, working towards having both solutions is the best way forward.

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