How Long Does It Take to Tile a Bathroom?

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Tile a Bathroom

If you are thinking about decorating your interior, the first thing that will come to your mind is tiles. These days it is almost impossible to think about interior designs without using tiles in them. Since tiling is a really important part of building your home or decorating your interior, you need to know things that will help you to go through the tiling process of your home properly.

When you are thinking about tiling a specific space of your home, or the whole interior of your home, you may think, what are the things that I need to know the most? Well, you’ll need to make sure of a few things before you buy your tiles, such as the type of tiles you want to use for the decoration process. As you can find tiles of many different designs, patterns, textures, and colors, you need to be wise in choosing the tiles you want to use. Also. the type will vary depending on the different spaces of your home, as you are not going to use the same tiles everywhere.

Also, the tiling process is different in the different places of your house. The way you will tile your kitchen, you won’t tile your living room or bathroom in the same way. You won’t even go for the same types of tiles. And tiling some of the spaces in your home might need special care.

Tiling Your Bathroom:

Especially tiling your bathroom can be a tricky process, you need to maintain some rules to properly go through the tiling process of your bathroom. Also, you need to other things such as the time you will need for the whole tiling process of your bathroom. This is a very important thing to know, as this information will affect the planning of the tiling of your bathroom.

Without knowing the approximate amount of time you’ll need to tile your bathroom, you won’t be able to properly plan ahead. And knowing the time duration is important as your bathroom is one of the highest traffic places in your home. Moreover, your bathroom won’t be functional during the whole tiling process, and the time you will need afterward to dry the tiles and grouts.

So, to make proper arrangements to keep everything functional during that time, you need to know the time duration that’ll be taken up by the tiling, and make your plans based on that. Otherwise, you will have to make plans based on assumptions and that might not work out in your way. So, now let’s look at how much time your bathroom’s tiling process will approximately less.

Time You Will Need For Tiling Your Bathroom:

It actually depends on some important factors how much time the tiling process will take, and these factors will determine the time duration for the process. They will tell you an approximate amount of time you might need for the tiling, and then you can take measures based on that. Let’s have a look at those factors.

Tile Size:

Tile Size

A really important factor in this process is the size of the tiles you have chosen to use in your bathroom. If you use bigger tiles for the project, more space will be taken up by a single tile, and as a result, you will need to lay down a fewer number of tiles, and the process will be quicker. So, the bigger the size of the tiles, the less time you will need for tiling.

The Relation Between Tiles And Bathroom Floor:

Some tiles will fit perfectly the walls or floors of your bathroom that won’t need any shape-changing or additional cuts. As they won’t need cutting in difficult points, the process will be faster. So, the relation between the tiles and the bathroom floor needs to be checked.

The orientation of the tiles also has to be considered. Diagonal tiling is good for the trend, but the tiling process will be slower in that case. But what you’ll use will depend on you, based on the time you can spare.

Preparation And Curing:

You can’t lay down tiles properly if the bathroom walls and tiles aren’t completely flat, and they might crack after a period. So, you might have to level the bathroom wall and floor by adding a layer of backer-board and cover protrusions of raised seams, and this work can take a good amount of time.

Grouting And Cleaning:

You’ll need to add grouts between the tiles to keep them in their places after setting them. The grouting task can take a significant amount of time if the tiles are small and are of relatively difficult shapes. Then the excesses will have to be cleaned with soap water, and the cleaning process can be time-consuming too.

The Expertise Of Tilers:

Expertise Of Tilers:

The time duration of the tiling process also depends on the person who is carrying out the process. A professional and experienced tiler won’t take much time to complete the job, unlike an inexperienced or unprofessional one.

Other Factors:

You might need 24 hours approximately after the tiling to be able to walk on the tiles again. This time must be considered while measuring the time you’ll need for the tiling process. Different times might be needed based on the various tile types you choose and also the place of the tiling. Even the floors and walls of the same place can take a different amount of time for the job.

Final Words:

As it depends on numerous factors that how much time you will need to tile your bathroom completely, it is really tough to estimate the time duration for the whole process. But it is mostly considered that an hour of tiling can cover 10 square feet of space approximately. You can take this rate into account when you are measuring the time duration for tiling a bathroom.

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