How Long-Term Couples Can Plan to Start a Family?

Relationship by  Mashum Mollah 30 January 2020 Last Updated Date: 27 November 2020

starting a family

Couples who have been in a long-term relationship often plan on tying the knot someday to starting a family. Most of them dream about having a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage afterward. Eventually, they will be blessed with beautiful children. These scenarios may seem like an excellent way to live life with your lifetime partner.

However, being married and having kids is not that easy. There will be constant struggles, especially if you and your partner don’t make the necessary preparations.

Keep in mind that getting married and starting a family is not all about happy moments. Sometimes, they lead to stressful situations, especially if couples don’t plan their future well. In the Philippines, particularly, a lot of families struggle to manage their finances.

Most of them find it hard to provide for the everyday needs of their family, especially the children in the household. Some of them earn just enough income to sustain day-to-day expenses. If you don’t want to experience this scenario, you and your partner should prepare for the future.

Practical Tips for Couples Planning to Start a Family

1. Prepare for a comfortable home for the family:

Providing shelter for your child is a very important obligation. You can consider renting a property, but if you can, better purchase your own house. You can scout for an affordable townhouse for sale in Cavite or choose a small condo unit in Metro Manila. Pick one which you think will be the most practical choice for your family.

home for the family

2. Look for additional sources of income:

Additional sources of income will not only improve your financial status. But it will also help you save more money that you will need to start a family. You and your partner can have separate accounts. However, after the wedding, you can open a joint account where you will get all household expenses. Make sure that you allot enough budget for pregnancy needs, childbirth, hospital bills, and other anticipated costs.

counting expences

3. Think about your careers when the baby arrives:

If you both have full-time jobs, you need to talk about having time off when the baby comes. Some mothers decide to quit their job to take care of their children. However, some prefer to continue working after a few months of having birth. can help in this regard. Ensure that you and your partner come up with a game plan about balancing career and time for family. Some sacrifices are necessary, but make sure that you both decide on what’s best for everyone.

maternal career

4. Talk about chore management more often:

Aside from work, couples should also talk about the division of chores. Who takes care of the child on weekends? Who is responsible for changing the diaper during nighttime? You both need to build a strict schedule that you both need to follow. Also, don’t hesitate to delegate some household chores like doing the laundry or cleaning the house to other people.

chore division

How family changes your World

Starting a family may be one of the most beautiful blessings that will come in your life. However, it may also turn your life upside down if you are not mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for it. While you and your partner are not yet married, build a list of your life goals together.

Ensure that you include being stable or having enough savings before starting a family. You may think that you can adjust your plans when you experience struggles. However, being prepared will always save you from experiencing challenging situations.

Make sure to start improving your life so that your future kids will not experience difficult times, at least when it comes to finances.

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