Make Space In Your Home Now For The Autumn Season

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Autumn Season

During the autumn season, you will buy and receive a lot of new items. Here we look at making space for those items in your home before the season gets into full swing.

Make Space In Your Home Now For The Autumn Season:

During Spring and Summer, we tend to spend a lot of time clearing things out. We want everything to be fresh and clean and open, and there’s a lot of build-up from all the Autumn and Winter months where we have received and bought a lot of new items. One mistake a lot of people make is to skip a clear-out before the season of giving and receiving gets into full swing. This is a mistake because it means that, your home as it now has to squeeze in a ton of new items for each event. Throughout Autumn and Winter you are likely to take on:

  1. New blankets, cushions, bedding, furniture, and another decor to switch over to the latest trends of the season
  2. New blankets, throws, and covers as it gets colder and you refresh your cozy collection
  3. New accessories for Halloween, especially if you are having a party. Plastic pumpkins, skeletons, bats and spiders, plus seasonal items for putting food in, large decorations like gravestones for the garden (really!)
  4. New accessories for bonfire night such as seasonal glasses and plates if you’re having a party. You might also get blankets and tree lights if you’re spending time outside
  5. New decorations for Christmas, including lights, a tree, mantelpiece decorations, garden decorations and more.
  6. Gifts at any seasonal event, but especially Christmas and especially if you have children
  7. New items for school if your children are at school
  8. Items from your child’s university accommodation if they are back over winter

As you can see, when you look at it, there is a lot you’re going to be fitting into your home and most of us simply do not have enough storage. This will be even more of a squeeze if you are:

  1. Having guests to stay, perhaps your child over winter if they have been at university, or you have relatives over to stay during Christmas
  2. You’re expecting a new child
  3. You have already used the shed, garage and spare room as extra storage to store summer items that need to come in like furniture, garden toys, outdoor cooking equipment, and camping equipment

By now, you’re probably feeling like your home is a tiny little box with few storage options, and wonder how you will possibly fit anything else in! For this reason, and this reason alone, you should have an end-of-summer clear-out in preparation for the seasons coming up.

How To Do An End-Of-Summer Declutter:

Try and look at everything with a skeptical eye, considering whether or not you need it. For example, the bucket barbeque you bought, are you likely to use it again? Or do you think it will have rusted by next year and you will likely buy a new one anyway?

How about those floral covers for the conservatory that went out of fashion really quickly? Will, you ever use them again? Or will they likely become rags for decorating at some point in the future?

Think about everything with a really direct approach, taking things to charity shops, recycling, throwing them away or giving them away. You could even earn a few quid for Christmas by selling a few bits and pieces. You could also do a lot of good with your items, maybe donating unwanted toys to charities that give to children in need, or giving your cushions and covers to a dog home.

Still, Need More Space?

Now you’ve created space for the winter months, you’re set for the seasons ahead. Still, need more space? Why not consider cheap self-storage for your possessions? You could get yourself an extra space to store anything you want, and for extremely reasonable prices. It might seem like this is not the season to spend more money, but consider how much more use you would get out of your home if you had what is essentially an extra room, just in another location? It is worth considering, particularly if you do struggle for space during the months when you’ll spend the most time inside your home.

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