Track The Right Metrics: Key KPIs For Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Marketingby Mashum Mollah05 December 2019

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When you market your products, services, or your brand in general, you are investing a considerable amount of money in your campaign. And you surely want to have that assurance that it will work. After all, that is when you can only say that you have hit your return on investment or ROI. The success of your campaign will depend on so many different metrics, so you should decide, once and for all, on the type of success that you will have to track. To know if your inbound marketing is successful, you should set some key performance indicators or KPIs.

By concentrating your inbound marketing plan on reaching the correct audiences in the correct places, you can draw your target clients in order to meet your digital marketing goals. This is rather of spending money bringing traffic from people who are strange to ever turn. Inbound marketing is all about providing potential customers with the data they are searching for.

It is much easier to track the success of your campaign if you are clear about your objectives. After all, the objectives serve as your compass. But if you want to be very definite with your success metrics, it makes sense that you come up with key performance indicators or KPIs. If you are doing inbound marketing,

Here are some of the things that you should be looking at:

The Revenue


This is among the first things that you should look at when checking the performance of your campaign. Ultimately, you are launching campaigns because you want to raise your business profit. When you see an increase in your profit, you can easily say that your messaging and online executions are relatable to your customers. You can calculate your revenue quarterly or annually, or depending on how long you have had the campaign running.

The Customer Lifetime Value

For many budding businesses, the customer lifetime value may sound like a big word. But in reality, it is a representation of how much a customer is expected to spend money on your business during their lifetime. If you want to keep your customers buying your goods or services, you have to nurture your engagement efforts and increase their loyalty. When it comes to engagement, it makes sense that you go for professional inbound marketing for manufacturers and other businesses.

Web Traffic

The traffic to your website should tell you that your banner ads, guest posts, and social media marketing promotions are working. This is because these online materials have gotten your customers curious and interested. But do not get too happy! Your website should convert these curious people into paying customers.

Landing Page Conversion Rates

Landing Page

Your landing pages should not be taken for granted. This is where you are actually turning leads into paying customers, so pay attention to what you are saying. A call-to-action is an essential component of your landing page, but you need to make it stand out. Make it more persuasive by adding proof and benefits. Implement CTAs that work, so conduct tests first.

The success of your marketing campaigns heavily depends on your objectives. If you are not clear with your objectives, it will be quite difficult for you to gauge if your efforts are actually working. To make your success tracking accurate, having a set of key performance indicators or KPIs. This is the part where you may need to ask for the opinion of subject matter experts.

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