Do You Need Cheap S3 Storage? NetDepot Has Your Back

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If you’re looking for cheap S3 storage, NetDepot has your back. Their S3 Cloud Object storage (simple storage service) will meet all your requirements whilst also providing a versatile suite of support services.

Every year, companies are amassing more information across every sector of business. This data relates to their industry, consumer base, and supply lines and is, in many cases, vital and sensitive. This is why finding a suitable data storage facility is crucial.

Chances are your business has a lot of data to collect, store, access, and mine. The right data storage facility will be able to do just that while also providing top data security and flexible scalability.

Of course, data storage is just one of the many costs your business is facing. That’s why affordability is another crucial factor in choosing the best solution. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Cloud Object Storage, and Why Should You Use It?

Cloud Object Storage, also known as S3 storage, is a framework for storing unstructured data in the cloud. It’s a good fit for many businesses because of its flexibility. It’s also easily scalable to support unlimited data growth with multiple petabytes.

S3 storage is a different approach to traditional storage systems and simplifies data collection and storage. This drives down the prices businesses need to pay for storage and improves workflow.

Cloud servers are the way to manage the massive piles of unstructured (“object”) data the economy of today requires. The servers are larger and more complex than those on-premise and can handle more information.

They also often offer better performance due to being managed and monitored by cloud management experts. Reliability is not the only benefit of cloud object storage, however.

Other Benefits of Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object storage maximizes the cost-efficiency of cloud storage through a practical storage framework. On top of that, object storage is easily accessible anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Plus, it provides unlimited capacity and keeps your files online at all times, limiting your reliance on backups and offline archives.

One of the significant benefits is the flexibility offered. If your company needs to change, your cloud storage services can switch easily.

You’re never locked into one permanent solution for your computing challenges. Cloud storage also allows you easy access to your files from anywhere in the world, which means critical corporate data is never out of reach.

Cloud storage providers like NetDepot also offer regular backups and restore services, which are invaluable if your data is hacked or suffers an outage.

Less Cost and Less Work

Most enterprises decide on a specific type of cloud configuration that best meets their needs.

Luckily, NetDepot offers all of them – whether you’re looking for a private or a hybrid cloud storage solution at a data center, NetDepot’s bound to provide what you’re looking for.

These options, however, are often more expensive or require a lot of work and maintenance. If you’re looking for cheap S3 storage, NetDepot’s S3 simple storage is a great public cloud service provider.

How NetDepot Meets All Your S3 Storage Needs

There are many competitors when it comes to Cloud Storage services, so you might be wondering why NetDepot is a better choice than industry giants like Amazon. The answer is simple. NetDepot is more reliable and offers more affordable pricing.

A Service You Can Trust

In 2017, Amazon’s S3 (simple storage service) failed when a team member intended to remove a small number of servers. They ended up accidentally removing many more servers and launched a cascading effect that took out AWS services in the US-East-1 region.

This affected major retail websites with severely slow loading speeds, including Lululemon and Express. Of course, no one gets it right all the time, not even the giants.

But in comparison, NetDepot has lasted 20 years in the business perfecting its services and reliability. NetDepot can guarantee 100% uptime service levels, making sure you don’t experience the losses faced by AWS clients.

Storage You Can Easily Afford

NetDepot understands that every company keeps a close eye on their bottom line to stay in business. That’s why their services are so affordable compared to Amazon services of similar nature.

NetDepot’s management style is debt-free and a testament to their financial finesse.

For Direct Connect OptionsNetDepot offers prices as low as $150 per month for 1 Gigabit. For only $2500 per month, you can gain access to 40 Gigabits.

NetDepot also enables expert migration support so you can quickly move from your current S3 provider to NetDepot.


NetDepot’s pricing is as easily scalable as its storage solutions. To calculate your storage cost, simply multiply the price of your current storage with NetDepot by the value of scale you are looking for.

This ensures transparent pricing and easy scalability based entirely on your actual needs.

Industry Leading Standard

All NetDepot services come with 24/7 support, and with its multiple locations, you can count on reliability no matter what happens.

The provider also offers IPM and KVM management and four-hour deployment on all its services so that you can get set-up in no time.

Are You Ready to Purchase Cheap S3 Storage?

If you’re looking for cheap S3 storage, NetDepot has your back. NetDepot is a premier cloud service provider with 20 years of experience in its industry. It’s helped companies create a strategic infrastructure to maximize their capability since 1994.

NetDepot currently owns four data centers across the U.S, in Houston, Atlanta, New York City, and San Francisco. Their focus lies in computing, storage, backups as a service, disaster recovery, and security.

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