When Do You Need Surgery For Kidney Stones?

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Surgery For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are caused by the development of hard, mineral deposits in the urinary system or kidneys. The basic cause is insufficient urine volume as compared to the minerals in the urine. Simply put, an increase in the concentration of minerals in the urine, or a decrease in volume of urine fluid can lead to the formation of hardened mineral deposits, known as kidney stones. Kidney stones have become pretty common. On average, around 10 to 20 percent of people get stones in their kidneys at least once in their lifetime. Stones that are smaller in size are often passed out through the urinary tract. But larger stones are retained in the urinary tract, most commonly in the kidney or urinary bladder.

Some commonly seen symptoms of kidney stones include severe pain in the side of the abdomen, nausea, pain in urination, etc. Sometimes, changes in lifestyle, diet, and medication may help in dealing with kidney stones. But one should know when surgery is the requirement. Signs and symptoms that require kidney stone treatment in Gurgaon are:

  • Severe, unbearable pain
  • Recurring infections on the urinary tract
  • Significant increase in the size of the stones.

It is in your best interest to be informed and aware of the various methods of kidney stone removal surgery in Gurgaon before you make a decision. A small stone is likely to be passed out, but if the stone is large and it doesn’t pass out, your urologist may suggest non-surgical ways of treatment in the beginning. You may be suggested to try out dietary changes and medications to treat the problem. But if the issue persists, it can cause an infection leading to severe pain and further complications. In that case, you will be suggested surgical treatment to cure the problem.

What Are The Risks Of An Untreated Kidney Stone?

When left untreated, kidney stones become the cause of recurring urinary tract infections and chronic kidney diseases. Chronic kidney diseases can keep progressing and elevating until they render one, or in some cases, both the kidneys dysfunctioning and failing. The only sure shot way to treat kidney stones and avoid such kidney failures is by kidney stone removal surgery in Gurgaon.

Another peril of untreated kidney stones is Hydronephrosis, which is caused by swelling up of kidneys due to urine accumulation. Because of blockage of the urinary tract due to kidney stones, the urine is not completely drained from the kidneys and is accumulated in the kidneys, causing hydronephrosis. It can lead to decreased functioning of the kidneys and ultimately kidney failure if not treated and diagnosed in time.

What Are The Best Treatment Options For Kidney Stone Removal In Gurgaon?

Kidney stones can cause extreme discomfort and pain, and when left untreated, they cause severe damage to the kidneys. Larger stones cause unbearable pain in the abdomen and chronic urinary tract infections, while smaller stones may lead to urine accumulation and blockage of the urinary tract. Therefore, getting proper, timely treatment is very important.

One can get the best kidney stone removal surgery in Gurgaon. Following are some of the most successful treatment options available for kidney stone removal surgery in Gurgaon.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy:

This procedure is performed when the stones are more than 15mm in size. The procedure involves no cuts or stitches and is completed in less than an hour. However, a shock wave lithotripsy may require multiple sittings and stenting.

Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy:

This minimally invasive procedure is used to treat stones above 15mm in the urinary bladder or ureter. On account of being minimally invasive, it involves no cuts and incisions. It can go on for about 45 minutes and may not require more than one sitting.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy:

This is a less invasive procedure that can successfully remove kidney stones smaller than 10mm. A small incision is made and a nephroscope is passed into the kidney through it. The stone if small is pulled out directly or is broken into smaller fragments using a laser. The procedure can last for about an hour and a half and is performed under the influence of an anesthetic.

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery:

This is also a less invasive procedure that is used to remove kidney stones larger than 15mm in the upper region of the ureter. The procedure is completely bloodless and can be completed in less than an hour.

 What Is The Estimated Cost Of Kidney Stone Removal Surgery In Gurgaon?

With the advent of technology in medical science, you can rid yourself of the pain and discomfort caused by kidney stones with minimally invasive and less invasive procedures that require either no cuts and incisions with no blood or a very small one. These kidney stone removal surgeries in Gurgaon offer a quick recovery and a permanent solution to the problem. The estimated cost of these alternatives is listed below.

  • URSL- INR 55,000 to INR 75,000
  • RIRS- INR 85,000 to INR 1,05,000
  • ESWL- INR 25,000 to INR 45,000
  • PCNL- INR 55,000 to INR 75,000

 Kidney stone removal surgery in Gurgaon is one of the safest and most sure-shot ways of treating kidney stones to avoid any future complications and further damage to the kidneys. Get timely treatment to lead a healthy and pain-free life.

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