NextGen Meditouch: All You Need To Know

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You may know about the NextGen EHR already. What’s new here is the term Meditouch. Basically, Meditouch was the former name of NextGen EHR. The vendor evolved with time, accomplished set goals, and scored a leading position in the industry. The point of penning down this article is to let you in on the background details of Nextech Meditouch along with exploring its current features and services. So, here’s all you need to know about NextGen Meditouch EHR. Reading this post you will even get to know about a potent contender of this EMR software, namely MediLinks.

About Meditouch NextGen:

Meditouch was a web-based solution explicitly created for providing medical billing services to medical practices. This solution faced many ups and downs but struggled to deliver best-in-class services to care practices. Since 1974, the software incorporates tech-savvy features and to-the-point consultation services to help practices manage their practices better. The company serves a national footprint and transitioned to an EMR solution in1996. With the aim of simplifying clinical operations, it strives to improve the front-end and back-end operations from the ground up.

In 2001, the vendor stood its ground and entered the revenue cycle management loop by acquiring intuitive healthcare strategies to help doctors manage the bills and payments professionally. In 2012, Meditouch NextGen acquired Matrix Management solutions to boost the RCM services. Then it added interoperability to its broad range of services by integrating with the leader Mirth. This initiative enhanced the worth of NextGen and helped practices achieve optimized care outcomes.

In 2014, this ambulatory care solution received an honorable award for best performance in the industry. Then it leveled up its services by including health data analytics. In 2018, the vendor added to its list of services by incorporating multidisciplinary services. The specialized clinical content makes things simpler for the practices. In 2020, this healthcare solution was recognized as the top Practice Management solution by KLAS. And that was when the software reached its peak of success.

NextGen EHR Features

By going through the overview of NextGen Meditouch, you might be interested in learning about its features. Know that you can access all the services by making a single login to NextGen Meditouch.There’s a broad range of features and services you can benefit from by implementing this one-in-a-kind healthcare platform. But before getting to that there’s a worth-considering fact to look into. And that is, Meditouch Nextech offers two varying EHR solutions.

NextGen Office: for small practices

NextGen Enterprise: for large scale practices

NextGen Office

NextGen Office is a fully customizable and interoperable solution for practices with less than 10 care providers. NextGen Office is a well-structured software that covers EHR and revenue cycle management services for streamlining the workflow of clinical practices. This award-winning software helps the front liners with cumbersome clinical operations. What adds to the worth is the mobile accessibility and integrated billing services. But, here’s the catch, this comprehensive solution is backed by years of experience and a skilled support team.

NextGen Enterprise

It is a solution for large-scale practices with more than the care providers. It serves them best without any distinction of specialty. Known for excellence in clinical operation this solution fosters meaningful patient interactions and intellectual care services like Mirth Connect and NextPen. These services take medical practices to a next level, for they run on an AI interface. All it needs is a single login to avail the benefits of the health data hub of Meditouch NextGen. Surprisingly, it allows for electronic data exchange with multiple care organizations.

MediLinks EHR- A Viable Alternative

When we are discussing Meditouch NextGen in detail, why don’t we consider its top alternative here? It is an initiative from our end to help providers who think NextGen is not a suitable option for their practices. The top-class alternative of Meditouch NextGen is MediLinks EMR software. So let’s have a look at the specifications of the MediLinks EMR software.

MediLinks has been a reliable EHR service provider that goes around assisting thousands of care practitioners since its conception in 1989. This EHR platform features flexible services not just for medical practices but also for individual practitioners, hospitals, and GPs. Using this cloud-based system medical professionals can manage their clinics better to facilitate all clients efficiently. In addition, MediLinks EMR software is fully packed with intuitive features at a reasonable cost that astounds the rest.

Here’s the catch, with years of experience in the industry MediLinks EMR understands what kind of features providers seek. It offers a centralized platform coupled with hands-free navigation and easily accessible services. The vendor supports a customizable and user-friendly interface so providers can access patient files without any hassle. It helps improve the performance of clinics by offering various beneficial third-party integrations. On top of that, it does an excellent job engaging patients to boost the scalability of clinical practices.

MedLinks EHR Features

MediLinks offers a plethora of features for multidisciplinary practices. Evaluating the features of MediLinks EMR is not a tiring task. You can do so by assessing the reviews of MediLinks EMR,  Like reviews show, MediLinks EHR doesn’t compromise patient confidentiality at any cost. Also, they reveal that this software mitigates the risk of misinterpretation by automating the documenting process. Also, reviews portray MediLinks as an effective solution for conducting claims analysis.

Some of the high-rated features of MediLinks EHR are

  • E-prescribing
  • Practice Management
  • Interoperability
  • Bills Processing
  • Claims Management
  • Analytic Tools
  • SOAP Notes
  • Voice Transcription

NextGen Meditouch vs MediLinks: The Bottomline

The primary thing that matters is your level of expertise and ability to handle EMR solutions. If you know how to operate these solutions, then both are capable of managing your clinical requirements. While implementing a solution, the only thing to keep in mind is whether it aligns with your clinical goals. It is the only way you can improve the level of care provided by modernizing your clinical operations like patient engagement. The right EMR choice will give you peace of mind by handling all the daunting tasks perfectly. We have laid down the features of NextGen Meditouch and MediLinks EMR. You can choose according to your preferences.

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