Osmose Technology Private Limited Was Fake Or Real? [Full Details]

Businessby Mashum Mollah15 September 2021

Osmose Technology Private Limited Was Fake Or Real

Osmose Technology is a private company that is unlisted. It was incorporated on 24 December 2019 and is located in Pune, Maharashtra. This Pvt Ltd company had collected more than 500 crore rupees by running a scam i.e., Ponzi Pyramid Subscription Plan in their IT services. 

This is actually an Affiliate Program & Online Shopping Platform that provides daily income payouts and bonuses. This company was actually completely a scam and affected mainly lower-middle-class people. 

It offered several services such as database services, e-commerce services, and earring methods. The official website of Osmose Technology Private Limited is https://www.osmosetech.com/

Basic Information Of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

Osmose Technology Details: To make you understand better about the osmose company, we have researched and listed the information in the following points. Have a look!

  • CIN – U72900PN2019PTC188640
  • Company Class: Private
  • Category: Company Limited by Shares
  • Registered State: Maharashtra 
  • Registrar of Companies: RoC-Pune
  • Date of Incorporation: 24-12-19
  • Website Type: Ecommerce and Earning Platform
  • Office Address: 602 – Office Number, Satara road, Pune, 411009
  • Email address: [email protected], [email protected]

Osmose Technology Private Limited Is Fake Or Real?

Osmose technology private limited company is completely fake. The directors of this company have introduced it as an earring platform for individuals who were willing to earn a high passive income. However, all their efforts, time, and money went in vain. 

At first, the company encouraged investors to add more members with them so they can get extra commissions and earn high. At the same time, to become a member of this company, you are required to pay Rs 1180.

Later, people came to know that the company was fraudulent and they just fooled people and earned crores of rupees within a few months. There are many people who suffered hugely by investing in this company and their life completely went down when this company’s truth was uncovered. 

Final Verdict

You will find many bad reviews about this company on the internet because there was no support staff 24*7, they don’t refund money if you cancel any product, and they charge high for the delivery. Thus, all information proves that Osmose Technology Private Limited was fake and you should not believe in companies like this in the long run. 

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