Paper Shredding: A Unique & Thoughtful Gift

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A Unique & Thoughtful Gift

We all have that one friend or family member who’s impossible to buy for. Whether it’s for their birthday or the holidays, the perfect present remains out of our reach, and our loved ones are to blame. With a house full of clutter, they’re adamant that they don’t need anything and refuse to answer any questions about their possible wants.

If you’re tired of scouring the web for unusual gifts, log out of Amazon and put away your credit card. The clue to your perfect gift is already right in front of you!

Paper Shredding: A Unique & Thoughtful Gift:

When you visit your loved one, do you notice how every flat surface is covered with paper? Or maybe their desk drawers are stuffed so full that they can’t shut them properly. Perhaps out in their garage, they have a pile of old electronics dating from the 90s — actual computers from the 20 years ago and not the retro mini SNES Classic Edition, of course.

If clutter is taking over their lives, give them the gift of document destruction. These services will come to your friend’s or family’s house to pick up their paper files to shred on-site using specially outfitted trucks. Some, like the shredding crew from Absolute Destruction, use equipment capable of pulverizing electronics, so that they eliminate old devices alongside paper documents.

With options for one-time purges or pick-ups scheduled regularly throughout the upcoming weeks or months, you can find a service that leaves very little impact on your loved one’s time. You can even arrange a shredding time that works with everyone’s schedule, including your own.

Adding your name to the list of recipients of this service is a great way to splurge on yourself this season. As the risk of identity theft increases each year, it’s important that you do all that you can to destroy personal information properly. As you can tell when you visit the Absolute Destruction Blog, some shredding services are fully invested in the identity security world. They keep track of the latest cases of fraud as well as any changes to the laws, so they can better serve their customers.

Just make sure any shredding IOU you leave under the tree comes with NAID backing. Standing for the National Association for Information Destruction, this acronym can’t be skipped. It ensures the services offering document destruction follows internationally regarded safety guidelines to ensure both paper and electronics are destroyed fully.

So the next time you feel that familiar gift-giving anxiety during the holidays, remember this unusual but helpful gift. It can save your loved one from the threat of identity theft as it clears away the clutter in their home. Now that is a gift that hits two birds with one stone!

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