What are polyethylene bags for?

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polyethylene bags

In the world of packaging, innovation and adaptation of materials are essential to achieve the main objective, which is the conservation of the merchandise, which has a return in the form of long-term benefits. In this sense, the recurring packaging material in the packaging line is polyethylene (PE) that is used in the manufacture of bags with very interesting qualities due to its resistance and durability.

Do you want to know what PE bags are used for? Today we tell you everything you need to know. Do not miss it.

What is a PE bag?

What is a PE bag?

It is a wrapper used in the packaging industry and has different applications to keep the product in perfect condition during transport or packaging. Polyethylene bags or polythene bags have different shapes that adapt to the morphology of the product. On the other hand, these bags can be presented as a promotional opportunity, since they can be printed with the logo.

What are the properties of PE bags?

There are two types of PE bags, they can be low or high density.

Low-density polyethylene bags are used mainly in food or cable packaging, electronics … etc.

On the other hand, high-density PE is used for stiffer products.


  •     Resistant to water and chemicals
  •     Electrical properties
  •     In case of freezing, it presents malleability and does not break

When packing with these bags, the sealing is carried out with a tray sealer.

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Bag format

Bag format

PE bags come in various formats, and can be open to close with the traysealer or, on the other hand, with a self-closing device for domestic or industrial use.

Drill and flap bag options are available for presentation by distributors.

An interesting option may be to add the logo or slogan on the bags, which is also part of the corporate identity.

PE wrappers, in addition to being presented in bag format, can also be found in rolls or reels for use in wrappers or shrink ovens.

Both the rolls and the bags can be found in different sizes and densities adapted to the type of product, as well as the properties that they wish to preserve.

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Are PE bags recyclable?

Are PE bags recyclable?

The answer is positive, as long as they are separated in their proper container.

Customization of the bag format.

As you will see, you can find the bags in standard formats, but it is also possible to request them customized from the manufacturer in terms of density, format, printing, or size. If you need high-quality PE bags at affordable rates, we would recommend BlueRose Packaging, the best packaging company in California.

As a final recommendation, it is important to choose the bags based on their suitability for the product and carry out a preliminary study of the bag’s compatibility with the transport and storage process.

What will the temperatures withstand in storage or transport be? Can the bag absorb shocks without tearing or breaking? Is the object too stiff for the PE?

These are some of the questions that will be part of a good strategy when purchasing polythene bags. And as always, a good strategy translates into increased profits by avoiding unnecessary costs due to breakage, wear or loss of merchandise due to the use of incorrect packaging.

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