The Power of Community and Networking in Business

Business by  Mashum Mollah 17 October 2020


There is no doubt that networking is a powerful strategy for many professionals and business people. Belonging to a community of like-minded individuals on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can help you to build and grow your network. Communities have been around and have served as the foundations of economic and social growth throughout history, and they continue to serve as essential parts of human growth.

Networking in the UAE and other parts of the world propels you forward, whether professionally, religiously, academically, etc. It helps to build your reputation and create new opportunities and activities. This is also beneficial for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Tips for Networking

When networking is done correctly, it can help you climb the professional ladder or get that plum job you’ve been eyeing. One of the biggest mistakes people make is asking before giving; start by showing the other party how he can benefit rather than asking for a favor first. One way to develop a friendship is to show the other person the benefits of the relationship.

One way to approach networking skillfully is by asking for an introduction. If you have a mutual friend, you can ask him to introduce you to a particular person or group. This gives you an authoritative edge, credibility, and makes you stand out. Credibility fosters trust!

Go for quality, not quantity; don’t spam people or use cold-calling strategies for networking. Rather than collecting cards and emailing all contacts, focus on creating meaningful relationships.

What Makes Community and Networking so Powerful?


Community and networking help you to create and grow mutually rewarding relationships with potential customers/clients and other business people. But what makes community and networking so powerful?

It is a Platform to Share Ideas

As the old saying goes, ‘no man is an island,’ you can’t assume you don’t need others or that you know everything. A successful career is built on the ideas and knowledge that you amass over the years. Networks provide an avenue to trade knowledge; this creates mutual trust and meaningful relationships.

These ideas are beneficial for your professional and social life; this is where leadership training Dubai programs help you to interact with various people, whether discussing your views or asking for feedback. There are higher chances of meeting people who have been on the same path as you, and they can give advice and tips. You can learn from their mistakes and achievements.

New Opportunities

One of the reasons why networking is so powerful is because it creates new opportunities. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’re likely to get. Active networking enables you to identify new opportunities whenever they are available. You are likely to receive referrals and introduction to key players in your industry. You can identify opportunities every day; this is why it is essential to take leadership training Abu Dhabi sessions. Take advantage of offered partnerships, referrals, or requests for your products and services.


It can be challenging to gather the courage to talk to high-ranking personnel in your industry. However, the benefits outweigh your fears. Everybody goes through tough times sometimes in their careers. A lack of resources or finances can halt your business; however, skillful networking with high profile individuals in your sector can act as a support system. These individuals can coach and mentor or connect you with reliable financial aid.


Networking makes you noticeable; when you stand out in your services and expertise, it builds partnerships that elevate your career. When you attend business events, answer questions, and offer feedback, it shows people that you are a reliable and knowledgeable individual. This increases your chances of getting more referrals and leads.


Networking is a powerful tool to improve your career; it builds confidence and self-esteem. Confidence leads to productivity; it is built by interacting with other like-minded individuals in your industry. You are sure of your abilities, so you approach your tasks with confidence. This also enables you to excel in your interviews because you have no doubt about what you can offer. Therefore, a reputable network can increase your confidence.

Long-Term Investment

Networking allows you to meet like-minded individuals who are compatible with you in their future interests, aspirations, and goals. Being a part of a community could mean that you can be a business partner tomorrow. It helps you to develop life-long friendships that can help grow your career. Building a long-lasting friendship through networking is not easy; however, you can achieve this by showing the other party what you bring to the table. It’s not always about asking for favors.

Most people know that networking is a powerful aspect of succeeding in many areas of our lives, whether professionally or socially. Individuals who succeed in their careers have mastered skillful networking. Nobody can grow alone; approach like-minded individuals, and start by finding common ground and start networking.

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