Essentials for the Prevention of COVID-19

World by  Mashum Mollah 14 October 2020

Prevention of COVID-19

With the number of daily cases increasing at a consistent pace, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is making its presence known in Canada. In the last two weeks of September, there has been a significant spike in cases that indicates the outbreak is here to stay.

This upward trajectory of cases requires additional vigilance to prevent the community spread of COVID-19. Along with taking associated measures for our safety, we also need to take essential steps to protect those around us.

Using a hand sanitizer to wearing a face mask, we can make certain lifestyle changes to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. To help you adopt these practices, here’s a list of essentials for the prevention of COVID-19.

Keep a Hand Sanitizer With You at All Times

Hand Sanitizer use

The novel coronavirus spreads through the mucous membranes located in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

According to some studies, the primary mode of transmission seems to be direct contact with an infected individual’s respiratory droplets. However, health experts also suggest that if we touch our face with hands that have come in contact with COVID-19 particles, we risk contracting the virus.

That is why one of the top safety measures to prevent COVID-19 in Canada is effective hand hygiene. By keeping your hands clean, using a hand sanitizer Canada of course, you can reduce this risk factor for yourself and your family while performing your regular tasks and duties.

Washing hands with soap and water is a basic yet effective way to ensure this practice. But there are times when you may not have access to these resources. That’s where you can turn to an alcohol-based sanitizer to maintain effective hand hygiene on the go.

Whether you are going on a grocery run or leaving for work, keeping a sanitizer in your bag or pocket ensures that you can keep your hands free of harmful microorganisms. As a result, it has become a highly essential item to have during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Use Physical Distancing Measures Whenever Applicable

A hand sanitizer doesn’t always dispel the respiratory droplets that are discharged by an infected person. If you come in contact with someone who has a novel coronavirus infection, you increase your chances of catching the disease via contact with your mucous membranes.

To prevent this risk factor as much as possible, you can practice physical or social distancing outside of your home. This also applies to your interactions with essential staff or contractors inside of your home.

Top Canadian health experts suggest that anyone who is not a member of your household should remain 2 meters away from you at all times. This reduces the chances for their respiratory droplets to reach you and contributes to curbing the spread of COVID-19.

This also means that social distancing is not just applicable to public areas such as parks or restaurants. It also applies to work settings such as your office space.

Keeping this in mind, make sure to take appropriate distancing measures from others whenever possible. This makes sure that you can lower the chances of contracting the disease and contribute to reducing the community spread in your area.

Wear Face Masks When Social Distancing Isn’t Possible

Social Distancing

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 to the best of your ability includes adopting certain practices where you aren’t able to execute the first line of defense. Similar to how you should use a hand sanitizer when soap and water are inaccessible, you should wear a face mask when social distancing isn’t possible.

According to Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, wearing a face-covering is critical for everyone to decrease the spread of COVID-19. This particular advice is backed by Canadian and international health experts alike.

Wearing a face mask absorbs the wearer’s respiratory droplets and reduces their chances of spreading in the air around them. Since asymptomatic infections are a common occurrence in COVID-19, this makes sure that you aren’t spreading the virus to others inadvertently.

It’s because when you have an asymptomatic infection of the novel coronavirus, you may not feel any symptoms of the disease such as fever or cough. Yet, you would still be able to spread the virus to others like an asymptomatic carrier.

That is why you must wear a face mask at all times to prevent the community spread of the novel coronavirus. You can easily obtain disposable surgical masks or wear reusable cloth masks that go right in line with your style.

Turn to Digital Platforms for Communication

Following the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, several Canadian regions have already tightened their restrictions on group gatherings. In addition to using a hand sanitizer and wearing a mask, you should also take your cue from these measures and cut back on your social plans.

It’s because larger gatherings with friends and family run an increased risk of spreading COVID-19. As mentioned above, not all cases of the novel coronavirus show visible symptoms. If anyone from your social circle happens to be an asymptomatic case, does not practice social distancing, and does not wear a mask, they can increase your chances of getting infected by COVID-19.

To make sure that you don’t walk down that route, keep away from unimportant events at all times. Instead, you can use the power of technology to stay in touch with your family and friends.

By turning to digital tools such as video calls and stream parties, you can communicate with your loved ones easily. Using new digital communication apps such as Zoom and existing platform features such as FaceTime can help you adjust to this new lifestyle. At the same time, they make sure that you don’t put your safety on the line.

To do your best at preventing the spread of COVID-19, you need to follow a comprehensive safety strategy for yourself, your family, and your community. These tips help you follow that approach in an ideal manner, and take some stress off of your shoulders during this highly difficult time.

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