Getting to the Bottom of Things: 5 Reasons to a Hire Private Investigator

Legalby Mashum Mollah27 January 2020

Private investigators

Private investigators saw on TV sneaking around taking photos, looking online for information, and doing other types of crucial research to help solve a case. While the truth may be stretched a little bit, private investigators do all of these things, depending on what they’re hired to do.

Some of the reasons to hire a Private investigators will include the following:

Discover a Cheating Spouse

One of the most common reasons for someone to hire a private investigator is to find out if their spouse is cheating on them. In many states, cheating can’t be used to show fault in a divorce and won’t really impact the case, but it could let the person who hired the investigator know what is happening so they can decide if they want to get a divorce. In other states, evidence of a cheating spouse could give them an advantage during divorce proceedings. Anyone suspecting their spouse is cheating can find an investigator to know for sure.

In a Child Custody Case

Child custody cases can be stressful, and it can be hard to show patterns of abuse or neglect without significant evidence. This is where a private investigator can help. They can conduct surveillance to gather evidence of abuse or neglect to help the parent trying to gain custody of the child. Depending on the evidence obtained, this can help the parent ensure an abusive or neglectful parent’s visitation is limited to protect the child from any dangers.

Check for Fraud or Other Employee Issues

Employers may want to hire a private investigator as well. If they suspect employees may be committing fraud, embezzling money, or stealing products, they will want evidence to give to the police and to use to fire the employee. One of the ways to gain the evidence is by having a private investigator look into what is going on. This way, the employer knows exactly what is happening and their options for handling it properly.

Finding a Missing Person

When someone goes missing, police can be called to look into it and help find the missing person. Unfortunately, the police might not be interested in doing a lot of investigation, especially if it doesn’t look like a crime has been committed. If the loved ones of the missing person believe the police aren’t doing enough or they feel as if the police are missing crucial information that could bring their loved one back, they can hire a private investigator to help with the search.

Investigating a Crime

As with missing persons, sometimes it may seem like the police aren’t really doing enough to investigate a crime. In these cases, the victim of the crime may want to hire a private investigator so they have someone on their side looking into what happened. This can help them get answers faster, help them find stolen property, or help ensure the crime is able to be solved so they don’t have anything else to worry about.

These are just a few of the ways private investigators can help those who need more information or evidence of something that’s happening. If you’re struggling to get the information or evidence you need in one of these instances or for anything else, contact a private investigator for help today.

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