The Pros And Cons Of Handmade Vs. Cast Engagement Rings

Fashionby Ariana Smith26 March 2018

Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying engagement rings, many people may not think about or even know how the ring was manufactured or that the way in which a ring is manufactured affects its quality along with other aspects. Two of the most popular ways of manufacturing rings are hand making them or casting the ring.

What is Handmade and What is Casting?

Casting a ring involved making a mould in the shape of the ring. While it’s a rather complex process, the easiest way to describe it is the metal is poured into the mould, it hardens and a cast is produced. The process can be thought of like making jelly, really. Typically, multiple casts are done all at once on a “tree.”

On the other hand, handmade jewelry refers to a gemstone setter and bench jeweler, sometimes in conjunction with a specialist polisher, working together to make a ring. To put it simply, the bench jewelry will make the ring by melting down gold and then shaping it into whatever shape is desired or even carving a small strip of metal. The gemstone setter will then set it and hand it over to the polisher for polishing.

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The Benefits of Casting :

Casting offers the following benefits: 
  • It’s cheaper, which means you might find you can buy a bigger diamond. Cast rings create lower price points.
  • The ring you see online will be exactly the same. That’s because casting produces the same ring from the same mould each and every time.
  • Waxes and 3D CAD models might be available. This is more life-like than a drawing proffered in the handmaking process.
  • Modern casting techniques tend to be less porous than they used to be, so the ring is stronger. Part of today’s casting process means that the person designing the ring can make alterations with a quick click of a mouse.
  • There’s less wastage of metal.
The Benefits of Handmade Rings :
  • Handmade rings are, by nature, stronger.
  • It’s easy enough to make modifications during the process of manufacturing, like a lower setting or narrower band.
  • Handmade rings can be made relatively quickly as orders don’t have to be sent to a casting factory which could be in another city.
  • You get a completely unique ring.
  • Designs aren’t limited, and you can mix metals and stones. For many designs, a two-piece cast means different metals are possible for the band and setting.
Which is the Best Method for Your Ring?

If you’re set on the idea of a ring that can last for generations to come, has a unique design or you want to alter a design you’ve already spotted, a handmade ring could well be for you.

On the other hand, if you want an affordable ring that’s fairly durable and looks like something you’d get out of a catalog, then casting is your best choice.


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