7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Essential For A Successful E-Business

Marketingby Ariana Smith08 December 2020

Successful E-Business

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Most companies rely on advertisements to spread their word among customers. With the evolution and changes in modern technologies, businesses have found new ways to attract and engage their customers. Brick and mortar businesses have now changed their business models from having a physical shop to an online store and replacing traditional advertising methods with digital marketing. These changes are an attempt to capture the more lucrative and growing online market.

Digital marketing has taken the marketing world by storm, with E-businesses using the methods to increase brand awareness. E-businesses leverage digital marketing practices to build a customer base and greater return on investment (ROI) than traditional methods. The world’s business focus has now shifted to digital, where people consume electronic content rather quickly. Companies and businesses worldwide have recognized the importance of going digital to survive in the market for a long.

What is Digital Marketing?

In a simple explanation, digital marketing is the promotion of a brand or product using various forms of electronic media. It has garnered particular attention not only because of its growth potential but also because of its adaptability. It will increase traffic on your website and appear at the top of the search engine for more viewer visibility.

The following digital marketing methods are far more versatile, quicker, and yield better results than their traditional counterparts.

Some of the most common aspects of digital marketing include:

The following are the seven reasons why using digital marketing will make your e-business a success:

1.  It Helps You Reach Broad Customer Base

The primary reason to use digital marketing is to reach thousands of potential customers present online. Hence, it can broaden its customer base by tapping the global market.

Outdated marketing methods target any number or type of customer without any specification. The targeting potential of this marketing technique is relatively lower, and no guaranteed result generation.

On the other hand, digital marketing gives marketers a chance to target specific demographics relevant to the product or service using tools like keywords explorer to generate profitable keywords.

2.Creates Brand Awareness and Visibility

The growing popularity of E-business models has brought drastic changes in lifestyles. According to Forbes, a research study states that more than 82% of people conduct online research before buying things in-store. That means that the customers are looking for an omnichannel shopping experience. If you are not available online, you may miss a large chunk of potential business and earning revenues. Creating brand awareness and visibility through digital marketing gives a chance to increase loyalty with the product or service you offer.

3. Most Measurable Form of Marketing

Nothing is more crucial in digital marketing than metrics and numbers. Think of traditional marketing methods like TV ads or billboards. These methods, although useful, are not as measurable. You cannot determine the number of people converted or purchased through these methods.

Digital marketing establishes itself as a measurable form of marketing and takes the guesswork out of the equation. You can monitor the progress every step of the way and determine the areas that need improvement. You have an exact figure of results generated through successful campaigns or the purchases made with each promotion.

4. Traceable Activities

By tracking needs, demands, and preferences, you can shape your marketing strategy accordingly. You can place your ad and campaigns where your audience hangs out mostly or target a segmented audience, so your ad does not go to waste. Take social media platforms as an example where you select age, gender, geographical locations for a more targeted approach. Email marketing and SEO also uses targeted and informative content for engaging new or existing customers.

5. Global Presence

Digital marketing tends to help businesses reach global markets. While your local customer stays loyal to your brand, you use digital marketing to seek cross-border customers. SEO, digital marketing tools, and techniques make this expansion aspect easier compared to traditional marketing methods. Blogger outreach, email marketing, video advertising, and social media instantly push customers into other regions. You have better chances of leveraging the phenomenon of globalization using digital marketing. Henceforth, be it day or night, the customers can access your website anytime.

6. Adaptability Functions

Digital marketing is a very flexible form of marketing where you can make adjustments anytime you want. You do not have to wait until the ongoing advertising campaign ends to determine the needed adjustments. For instance, if your social media campaign is not performing as you expected, you can stop and make changes accordingly, such as target settings or messages. With traditional media, you have to make changes after the campaign ends; too little too late. Adaptability is an impossible aspect of conventional marketing where you need to design your campaign carefully before implementation.

7. Competitor Analysis

Digital marketing helps a business gain valuable insight into customers as well as competitors. E-businesses have to remain one step ahead of their competition to successfully target their customers and survive in the ever-changing market. Businesses create buyer personas following the strategies they design. Competitor analysis gives them the knowledge about the type of customers they target, systems they use, and successful campaigns they implement. Businesses can beat their competition and gain a better foothold in the market using the information at hand.


An effective digital marketing strategy is a crucial aspect of successful E-business. With the rapid changes happening in the digital world, you need to ensure that you use the right marketing methods. Creating a digital marketing plan is the most significant challenge for designing an overall strategy. The reasons mentioned above signify the importance of using digital marketing platforms to capitalize on their potential.

Nowadays, they are willing to do shopping research online, and primarily due to Covid-19, they prefer to make purchases online rather than going to an actual store. Not only are you broadening your customer base, but you are providing an omnichannel experience to the customers. It is something to consider once you decide to take your business to the next level.

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