You Can Now Review Your Spotify Listening History Through Receiptify’s Creative Receipt!  

News by  sagnika sinha 11 October 2023

You Can Now Review Your Spotify Listening History Through Receiptify’s Creative Receipt!

Receiptify is a third-party app which is bringing a wonderful idea that is both creative and fun to learn more about your listening history on Spotify. Users of Spotify can experience a fun way of evaluating the record of the statistics regarding the various songs they listen to on Spotify.

A creative solution, the receipt has a stylish look that features some of the most-played songs on Spotify. The receipt is created by Receiptify, a user-friendly app that can be used if you are a Spotify user, as you have to log into a Spotify account on the Receiptify website.

It is quite a fun way to check what songs you must listen to and review the patterns concerning the mood, the genre, or the artists you frequently listen to! Once you have logged into Receptify from Spotify, the song list you will produce will look like an actual receipt.

The streaming habits will be displayed like a bill with 10 top songs, and you can check it based on three options: six months, only the past month, and all time, i.e., for as long as you are listening to Spotify.

With this app, you can share your preferences in music on Spotify on social media platforms, thus sharing it with your friends and family. It would be best to remember to authorize Receiptify to use the data from Spotify, or else the list cannot be made.

It will take a few minutes to analyze data, especially when addressing your preferences and listening history effectively. You will then receive a customized receipt specific to your listening habits. You can also download the ticket! What’s more, you can also learn about the top tracks you listen to the most.

Further, you can also listen to Spotify offline; you need a subscription plan. If you are using Spotify as a paid service, you can use the app to listen to songs even when you do not have an internet connection.

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