Roofing: The Crown to Your Home

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The only thing that separates the cozy insides of your home from the harsh exterior weather is a roofing system. It is the first thing a layman notices about the home and hence its aesthetic importance is very huge. Being functionally as well as aesthetically integral, the choice of a roofing system should be well thought out and researched upon. There are various materials available based on climate, locality, and styles.

What are the roofing materials available?

The availability of roofing materials varies regionally based on the weather. A roofing system is primarily dependant on weather conditions. They need to be insulating in nature to keep the cold out in case of areas with a colder climate while in case of hot regions, the roofing system should find a way to contain the hot air that rises during summer.

Common varieties of white roofing systems include Asphalt shingles, which are easy to install and are very effective. Also available in a variety of colors, they can be reinforced with fiberglass or cellulose. Clay and concrete tiles are another roofing option that is eco-friendly. They provide a subtle aura and add the element of texture. However, this is a heavy material and requires a professional for the installation purpose.

For more economic options of roofing, metal roofing solutions can be considered. For an expensive look, the slate would be the ideal choice. Its finesse and elegance are like none else. The option of wood shingles and shakes is a pure classic and timeless choice. It never goes out of style and has a class of its own.

What to consider while choosing a roofing system?

The strength of the framework, the weight of the material, the ease of installation, and durability form the prime factors of consideration while selecting a roofing system. Durability is a highly important factor, taking extreme weather-prone regions into consideration. Roofs bear the worst of the external weather especially in the case of extreme climatic conditions. Frank Johnson at Lifetime Roofing St. Louis explains that if you happen to live in a region that is prone to have heavy rain and snow seasons, this can reduce the lifespan of your roof by up to 5 years. Durability becomes a prime factor in these situations.

Additionally, in the case of natural disasters, if a region is prone to a particular natural calamity such as a tornado, high wind forces or heavy rains, care should be taken to strengthen the framework and ensure it holds perfectly. Special care should be given to the roofing systems in such areas to ensure it remains safe and protects the inhabitants successfully.

A roofing system is a combination of appearance, function, durability and a lot of other factors. It is also essential to have a roofing and renovations company located in case a service is required. Any damage to the roof can cause major inconveniences and hence an experienced service center with timely response and job completion record should be hired to ensure that the roofing system stays as strong as ever regardless of the situation.

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