Sanding And Refinishing: A Two-Step Method To Increase Your House’s Value

Home Improvement by  Shahnawaz Alam 21 November 2023

Sanding And Refinishing

Polished wooden floors can make your home look better.

This article will talk about two key ways to keep them shiny and looking new: sanding and refinishing. Both of these steps are important for making your floors look great and can increase your home’s value, which is great if you’re thinking about selling your house.

Differences Between Sanding And Refinishing

Differences Between Sanding And Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing are both significant for keeping your wooden floors looking beautiful and lasting a long time. Sanding is about taking off the top layer to show the new wood underneath, while refinishing is about putting on new protective layers. These steps are different in how they’re done, how much they cost, and the ways they help your floor stay in top condition and last longer.

Sanding: Preparing Your Wood For Renovation

Wood floor sanding is a key step in preserving and enhancing the appearance and longevity of your hardwood. It means making the surface smooth and level, getting rid of old finishes, and dirt, and fixing any scratches or dents. This step is critical for the hardwood that has been used a lot and looks worn out.

Good and Bad Points of Sanding 


  • Makes the Floor Strong Again: Sanding removes damage and reveals the healthy wood beneath, revitalizing the appearance.
  • Enhances Durability: This process eliminates the worn-out layer, preventing future issues.


  • Cost: It can be expensive to get someone to sand your floor. It usually costs between $20 and $50 per room, depending on how big your surface is and how much work it needs.
  • Takes Time: Sanding takes a lot of time, especially if you have a big area or a lot of damage. You need to be patient and careful to get it right.

Refinishing: Enhancing And Shielding Your Floor

Refinishing is about making your hardwood look nice and keeping it safe. After sanding, you put a new finish on the wood. This makes the floor look new and also protects it from getting damaged again.

Good and Bad Points of Refinishing 


Makes Your Floor Look Beautiful: Refinishing changes how your floor looks, making it brighter and showing the wood’s natural beauty.

Protects Your Hardwood: It puts a protective layer on the wood, which helps your floor last longer and stay safe from damage and the environment.


Requires Maintenance: With time, the finish can deteriorate, necessitating reapplication to maintain your floor’s appearance and protection.

Variable Pricing: Refinishing costs can vary, typically ranging from $3 to $8 per square foot. The cost depends on the choice of finish, the condition of your floor, and the size of the area.

Comparing Costs and Results

When you think about sanding and refinishing, you should look at how much they cost and what you get from them. Sanding might cost more at first, especially if your floor needs a lot of work. But it’s a one-time thing that makes your floor look like it used to. Refinishing is often cheaper than sanding, but you might need to do it more often to keep your floor looking nice and protected.

How Sanding And Refinishing Floors Can Help Sell Your House

Thinking about making your house better to sell it at a higher price? Sanding and refinishing your wooden floors is a great idea. These steps are important for making your house look more appealing and can help you sell it for more money.

Sanding is the first thing you do to make your hardwood look amazing. It helps fix any damage and starts making your surfaces look shiny and new. This is essential because when people come to see your house, the first thing they notice can affect their decision to buy it.

After sanding, you refinish the floors. This makes them look impressive and also makes them last longer. This is good for people looking to buy your house because they won’t have to worry about refinishing the hardwood soon. Also, the type of finish you choose can make your house more appealing, especially if it’s what people are looking for these days.

Figuring Out How Much You Gain

Doing these improvements is a smart move if you’re selling your house. They can increase your house’s price. For example, if your house is worth $500,000, making your floors look better can add up to $20,000 to its value. This is a lot more than what you spend on sanding and refinishing, so it’s a good financial choice.

Having An Advantage In Selling Your House

In places where lots of houses are being sold, those with nice floors get sold quickly and for more money. This is especially true where buyers want houses that are ready to move into right away.

Should You Do It Yourself Or Get Professional Help?

sand and refinish your floors

When you need to sand and refinish your floors, it’s a big decision to make — do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Both ways have good points, but you need to think about a few important things.

Trying It Yourself: What To Think About

How Hard is the Job?: Sanding and refinishing floors isn’t easy. You need to know what you’re doing and how to use the tools right to get a nice, smooth finish.

How Will it Turn Out?: Doing it yourself can be fun, but sometimes it doesn’t look as good as a professional job. If you sand unevenly or don’t apply the finish right, it might not look great.

How Much Time and Work?: These jobs usually take more time and work than you think. If you’re not experienced, little mistakes can make it take even longer and require more work.

Hiring Professionals: Why It’s A Good Idea

Top-Notch Results: Professionals know what they’re doing and will make sure your hardwood floors look amazing. They can handle different types of wood and situations, so you get the best result.

Smart Tips: Professionals can give you great advice on what materials and methods are best for your wood floors. They’ll help you choose the right finish that looks good in your home and works well for your surfaces.

Saves Time: Getting someone to do it for you saves a lot of time and effort. They can do the job quickly and without messing up your daily life too much.

Making the Best Decision

Deciding whether to do the work yourself or hire professionals involves several factors. It depends on your skills in this type of work. The condition of your floors is also important. You need to consider how you want the finish to look. And think about how much time you can dedicate to it. If you’re after a top-quality finish with minimal hassle, selecting professional help is often the best. Professionals ensure the job is done correctly and quickly. They also guarantee a high standard of work.

Final Thoughts

Sanding and refinishing your wooden floors is more than just keeping them looking good. These steps are significant for making your home look great and increasing its worth. Whether you do it yourself or get someone professional to do it, the main aim is to make your hardwood floors look better and last longer. Doing this not only makes your home look nicer right away but also helps it stand out in the housing market when you want to sell it. By knowing all about sanding and refinishing, you can make smart choices that are good for your home and your wallet.

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