What Is The Scope Of A Bachelor’s In Tourism?

Job & Careerby Abdul Aziz Mondal15 February 2023

Scope Of A Bachelor’s In Tourism

Tourism and hospitality are global industries providing employment opportunities for many people across the world. After taking a backseat during the pandemic, the growth and development of the tourism sector have gathered pace and movement. Travel and tourism industries are also one of the greatest contributors to the global economy every year.

With accelerated growth and employment possibilities in the industry, a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management will open the door to numerous opportunities worldwide. The program is designed to help you develop essential skills and expertise in relevant fields.

So, what is the scope of a bachelor’s in tourism? Let’s take a look at the various opportunities presented by this undergraduate degree.

Tour Manager

A tour manager organizes tours and sometimes accompanies groups to various tourist locations. You must coordinate with different people and ensure that the travel arrangements such as food and accommodation are organized.

Checking the travel documents, explaining the itinerary, assisting with any immigration issues, organizing various activities, and ensuring that the arrangements are perfect are the responsibilities of a tour manager.

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager

The hospitality sector is one of the important parts of the tourism industry and hotel managers are responsible for handling all operations in a hotel. As a hotel manager, you must supervise various departments from accounting to marketing.

You must plan the accommodation of guests, arrange other facilities for them, manage the budgets and expenses of the hotel, maintain records, create marketing strategies, set profit targets and work towards achieving them, plan work schedules for staff, deal with customer complaints, and recruit staff members to meet the growing needs of the hotel. Hotel managers are paid well and have flexible work schedules.

Air Cabin Crew

Graduates in tourism and hospitality are also selected as air cabin crew members and are given proper training to suit them for the job role. One of the highest-paid and most flexible careers, the main responsibility of air cabin crew members is to ensure a smooth flying experience for passengers.

You must conduct pre-flight security checks, ensure the cleanliness of seats, welcome passengers on board, demonstrate passengers various safety measures in case of emergency, and serve refreshments.

Event Manager

If you have organizational skills and an eye for detail, the role of an event manager is the right fit for you. Event managers organize various social and business events ranging from conferences and seminars to parties and weddings.

As an event manager, you must communicate with clients to understand their requirements, create a detailed plan for the plan, hunt venues, find various suppliers, organize various facilities, and manage all staff members to conduct a successful event.

The career opportunities in travel and tourism are unlimited and include other job roles such as restaurant manager, activities manager, tour guide, transport manager, etc.

With the right educational qualifications and skills, you can also be a part of this ever-evolving and developing industry. To start your journey in travel and tourism, enroll in an undergraduate program soon.

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