How To Select The Best Sports Trophies Online In 7 Easy Steps

Sportsby Mashum Mollah09 February 2021

Sports Trophies
  • Are you an event organizer or a team that is looking to buy sports trophies from online platforms?
  • Do you know what are some things that you need to keep in mind when ordering a sports trophy online?
  • Have you tried looking at aspects like the credibility of the manufacturer, the type of materials, and the pricing for the trophy?

Let us begin with some facts. The global market for sports trophies in just two countries- the United States and Canada are approximately $3 Billion. Globally, the number easily crosses $10 Billion. This means that being in the sports trophy manufacturing business can be quite financially lucrative.

There are many things that one needs to consider when looking for the best sports trophies. In this article, we help event organizers and teams select the best trophy in seven easy steps. However, before we proceed to the steps, let us first try to answer a question on everyone’s mind- should you buy sports trophies online?

Buying Sports Trophies Online: Is it a good idea?

Over the past few years, the market for buying online goods through eCommerce platforms has increased manifold times. The sports trophy industry is no different. Many of the older and credible manufacturers have expanded their operations to online platforms.

Let us now shed some light on the major advantages of ordering sports trophies online-

Order from anywhere in the world

The development of the cargo and courier industry has led to the ordering and delivery of sports trophies to different parts of the world. For example, if you want the best trophy for your sports tournament, you no longer have to be dependent on your local area shop.

More room for Comparisons-

You can ship the trophy from any part of the world. This opens up the possibility of getting the best that is available in the world. This also helps compare prices, materials, and newer innovations when it comes to creating the best sports trophies.

Additional Marketing for the Tournament-

At the end of the day, you would like to motivate and encourage the teams and players to play at the highest levels. You also want the tournament to have a good name in terms of branding and popularity. Ordering a sports trophy from the best manufacturer can help you in marketing.

List of 7 Easy Steps to Select the Best Sports Trophies Online

1. Decide on the Number of Trophies you would like to giveaway

The first and most important decision you need to take is the number of trophies itself. Some tournaments like giving away smaller medals and trophies to the players in addition to the main trophy. What happens to the runner ups? Do they get a trophy too? These are some considerations that an organizer needs to take into consideration.

2. Look at the Reviews and Ratings of the Company manufacturing the trophy

The first step of your research should take into consideration the reviews and ratings of the companies manufacturing trophies. Look for online reviews. If the company has a GMB page, you can examine what others are saying. Narrow down on the ones that have the best ratings and reviews on non-partisan platforms. This will help you at the next stage of the selection.

3. Ask for Past Work Experiences and Samples

Once you have been able to narrow down your list of selections to probably three companies, you can reach out to them and ask for past work experience. Ask them what kind of trophies have they created and how many teams or events they have worked on. This will demonstrate the kind of competitions they have worked on and whether they are a good fit for you or not.

4. Decide on the Type of Trophy you want to go for

Here too the manufacturing company can play a major role in helping you. Would you like to go for a shield, a cup, or a new modern looking trophy? It also depends on the kind of sports event you are hosting. The company can help you with the brainstorming part and suggest what they would feel is perfect for the sports event or tournament.

5. What kind of Trophy Material should you go for

Once you have decided on the type of trophy, the next step involves looking at the different kinds of materials. Glass and crystal trophies are very much in vogue and look pretty amazing, to be honest. There is a certain level of sophistication that comes with using crystal trophies. You can rest assured that your tournament trophy is going to stand out and be appreciated.

6. Fix the Pricing and Budget of the Sports Trophy

One of the important factors that most organizers take into account is the price of the trophy. You need to remember that the better the finish, quality, and manufacturing company, the higher will be the price of the trophy. It is important that you bargain and negotiate hard with the prospective company. This will allow you to reduce the prices for the trophy.

7. Transportation and Delivery

This is one area where, unfortunately, not a lot of sports organizers and teams pay attention to. You do not want to end up receiving a trophy for which you have paid a fortune and seeing it all broken and crumpled because of improper handling. Ask the manufacturing company how they are going to send the trophy to you. If you feel it is dangerous, ask them to send it in some other fashion.

The Bottom Line

If you are going all out on selecting the best sports trophy, you will see a number of positive effects. The same would help you generate a lot of positive feedback for the event/tournament. You will also see a lot of additional participation and entries from other teams for the event. By following the above-mentioned seven steps, as an organizer, you will be in a much better position to select the best sports trophy for your upcoming tournament.

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