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With every season, there are delightful ways of wearing your favorite dresses and matching them with the hottest jewelry. The fashion scene across the globe constantly keeps changing and in order to remain at the top of your form, you need to change with the changing trends. When it comes to jewelry, no woman can ever have enough. Any piece of jewelry can make or break your look. If you are trying to add a little bling to a subtle outfit, pick a classic piece of jewelry. If you want to nail the perfect work look, pick an elegant and understated piece to accessorize.

You can use accessories as well as shoes to change your entire look. Even if you are wearing a basic skater dress, you can style it in a manner that it makes you look stylish and fashionable. While you are trying to get the best look for the season, consider florals which can be stylish and innovative. It can add an entirely new dimension to your look and elevate your personality.

Here is how women with different personalities can style their look.

Whether you love florals or you hate them, you cannot ignore them. Florals and pastel shades can be worn in multiple ways and they bring out the girl in you. If you are not very happy with the shades of peach and pink over you, you can choose to style the same in multiple ways and create a whole new look. Here are different ways in which you can style an outfit.

Floral prints and pastel shades:

No one is asking you to wear a frilly lace blouse, it will not go with your mood or your personality. Hence, you can opt for a floral skirt instead. Pair the same with cream pumps so that you do not look overdressed. As a biker chick, you will be worried about looking too feminine but this outfit will bring out the young woman in you. There are so many ways to look beautiful and feminine while maintaining a hint of edge. Wherever you live, this look is ideal for you. It will not make you look over the top and will give you the confidence to carry the outfit with feminine grace.

If the weather feels slightly chilly and you want to add something heavier to the pastels, you can wear your favorite biker jacket or a leather jacket and tone down the sweetness. With the jacket on, you will not look like a schoolgirl to your neighbors. If you are wearing a jacket, you can pair it with ankle boots or over the knee boots to give the outfit the perfect style and vibe. Depending on the occasion, you can style your hair to go with the outfit. For a concert, you could put on shades and let the hair dry naturally. For a formal event, you could tie your hair in a beautiful bun and skip the leather jacket.


Layering has always been an important part of the fashion industry. The best thing about your favorite dress is you can wear the same in multiple styles. This will ensure you purchase less clothing and you will have more looks with the same item. It is ideal for the days when you stand in front of your cupboard wondering what to wear today. If you know to layer, you will never worry about what to wear. You can easily turn a dress into a skirt by wearing a sweater to create a sporty vibe. You can also layer it by wearing a hoodie and you can create a sporty look. The trick is to learn the different ways in which you can layer your clothes.

You can achieve the best look if you style jewelry with this outfit in an ideal manner. The jewelry will give you the much-needed texture. You can choose to style the outfit with elegant chains or drop earrings. You could also wear a necklace or a metal cuff with the same. Last but not least, you could try adding florals to your footwear by picking up floral patterned pumps or sneakers. It will make your outfit look super stylish. Again, if you do not want the dress to show, put up a cardigan with mesh or wear a lace-up jacket.

Mix and match:

This season is about the skater dress and skinny jeans. Gone are the days of a dress and legging on all occasions. Wearing the dress with skinny and well-fitted jeans will flatter women and it looks cute on everyone. However, always ensure that you have tucked the front part of your dress so that it does not look awkward. You can wear a strappy mule to get additional height. You can also go bare legged when the weather is warm but in cold weather conditions, wearing a denim is an ideal choice.

These are just a few different ways you can style your outfit from everything that is present inside your wardrobe. There is no need for you to buy a new outfit or invest in new shoes. If you know the trick to styling an outfit with the right shoes and jewelry, you are set to rock. Keep the weather conditions in mind when deciding the outfit for the night otherwise you could end up regretting your choice.

Any outfit can be made to look stylish and elegant by an addition of a piece of jewelry or a jacket. Depending on your personal style and preference, you could decide to put on a classy jacket or wear stylish stilettos that will make you look trendy and fashionable. The trends in fashion change with every season and this do not mean that you have to put your money into new clothes and shoe time and again. Rather, you can learn the tricks of styling and wear your favorite outfit for as many times as you like.

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