Subtle Product Advertising Ideas for the Modern Business

Advertisingby Mashum Mollah06 February 2021

product advertising

 So you’ve already got a steady stream of loyal customers for your business. They’ve been pretty supportive of your brand so far, but now you want to expand your catalog by introducing new products under your brand. Naturally, you want to know if you can still count on your original customers to support the new additions to your product line.

Now, how exactly can you do that?

Well, first and foremost, you have to be familiar with the concept of product advertising or product marketing. As opposed to regular marketing that aims to introduce your brand to your target market, the goal of product advertising is to influence existing clients to extend their patronage of your brand to new products.

Here are some of the best product advertising ideas you can utilize for your modern business in 2021 and beyond:

 1. Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

 If you’re familiar with influencer marketing, viral marketing is similar to that in many respects. However, instead of hiring celebrities or social media personalities, you’d practically be turning a number of your past customers into ambassadors for your brand.

To thank them for their continued patronage of your business, offer to send them free trial packs of your new products in exchange for honest feedback posted on their social media accounts. Encourage them to post photos for maximum engagement. You can then repost their commendation on your official channels so that other members of the community will see such positive reviews about your new products and be excited to try them, too.

The beauty of viral marketing is that it’s centered around genuineness. You’re simply reaching out to people who already enjoy using your products and forge a mutually beneficial relationship with them. This relationship will surely have more perks than paying influencers to promote your brand.

 2. Eye-catching Hang Tags

 Some people sleep on the potential of hang tags, thinking these can only contain their logo or brand name. If you’re creative enough, you can get fully customized hang tags that customers can present to get discounts for their next purchases. Like in viral marketing, this would be like giving people who already like your brand the extra push to continue patronizing your products.

You may also include one or two suggestions in the hang tags you send out with every order. You know how e-commerce and online stores would always give you the ‘People who ordered this also liked…’ type of recommendations? You can use customizable hang tags to give the same suggestions, only this time on paper!

Hang tags have defied the downtrend of print advertising in recent years. Customers still love scrutinizing the tags that come with their purchases, so you can rest assured that your message will be received loud and clear.

3. Discount Coupon Marketing

 Since we already mentioned ideas to offer discounts to existing customers, discount coupon marketing is generally an effective strategy to incentivize your customer base to support you as you expand your product line. You can post limited-time discount coupons on your social media accounts or otherwise send them to past customers through the email address they used to sign up to receive updates and promotional materials from you.

 4. Good Old Digital Marketing

Good Old Digital Marketing

 On a general note, you must truly master the art and science of digital marketing for the sake of your modern business. The main battleground for marketing and product advertising has shifted from the big three (print, radio, and TV) to the digital world. Therefore, should have a sound digital marketing plan that covers strategies when releasing new products and launching new services.

When it comes to advertising, it’s always a good idea to cover all your bases, so long as your budget allows it. Always remember this simple principle: out of sight, out of mind. Your customers and clients must always be reminded about the existence of your brand and the products that you offer, so you will always be top of mind for them whenever they’re in the mood for some shopping.  

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