Sustainability Reporting in Aviation Industry

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Sustainability Reporting

Almost every activity of human beings comes with some impact on the environment and minimizing these impacts has become very important. The aviation sector is not an exception. As the demand for air travel continues to rise, air travel will become more crucial, prompting the big question for investors and managers; “Is it possible to run a sustainable aviation industry?”

Aviation Meets Sustainability 

Aviation Meets Sustainability 

When the vaccines for the deadly COVID-19 pandemic were discovered, it was the aviation industry that came to help distribute them across the world. Now, we are wrestling down COVID-19 and about returning the globe to normal. If you want to fly your loved ones or travel for business, airlines are there waiting to make it happen. The present trends suggest that by 2037, the number of air passengers is likely to hit 8.2 billion.

Even with the impressive benefits associated with the aviation industry, it can also be a major cause of trouble for both people and the environment. Every year, the aviation industry contributes about 2% of the global carbon dioxide emission. When accidents happen, such as the recent Boeing 737 Max crash in Ethiopia, the impacts to the affected families and respective airlines are disastrous.

Sustainability in the aviation sector is the process of using the available and auxiliary resources in a way that there is no or minimal impact on the social, environmental, and physical spheres of the environment. Sustainability targets to ensure that resources are used in a manner that we are able to sustain the needs of the current generation while allowing the future generations to meet theirs too.

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Promoting Sustainability  in the Aviation Industry

Promoting Sustainability  in the Aviation Industry

These issues highlight the importance of putting more effort into sustainability reporting. If you are a manager or investor in any aviation or related company, there is so much that you can do to help to make the sector more sustainable. Here are some suggestions:

Maintaining Your Airplanes

The first step in promoting sustainability in the aviation sector is ensuring the airplanes are all in top condition. This can help to address two things, high emission levels and risk of accidents. For example, meticulous maintenance of airplanes can help to reduce the danger of accidents and associated losses with a huge margin.

Partnering with Other Conservation Groups 

Your efforts for sustainability do not have to be direct for your organization to make an impact in saving the planet. Instead, you can work together with other organizations that are committed to sustainability. A good example might be identifying companies that are dealing with the conservation or restoration of wildlife in any part of the globe.

Remember that you need to be able to assess the effects correctly for your stakeholders. For example, you might want to get expert estimates on the amount of carbon dioxide cleared from the atmosphere because of your efforts.

Training Staff on Sustainability 

Another awesome consideration for your company is training staff on sustainability. The capacity building creates a new line of action so that you can achieve more benefits of sustainability reporting. For example, trained staff will appreciate the need to go paperless and instead use available digital channels for real-time communication.

The training also makes your staff develop a better attachment with the organization, work harder, and help the company achieve its goals.

These are only a few of the strategies that you can use to promote sustainability. Remember that to report on your efforts correctly; you need to select an appropriate framework and sustainability management software. Check out Diginex, one of the leading brands for sustainability management reporting programs.

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