How to Take Good Travel Photos

Photographyby Mashum Mollah21 December 2019


Traveling and photography come hand-in-hand. With smartphones popping up here and there, it is now a lot easier to take photos of anything. It means that you don’t have to bring your huge camera with you everywhere you go, which is exciting.

Today, we are going to talk about the things that you should keep in mind if you plan on taking amazing photos during your travels. Whether you plan on getting commercial photography services during your trip or doing it yourself, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Here are the 4 ways to take better photos when traveling:

Take advantage of the patterns

Patterns appear beautiful and mesmerizing in photos. These include lines, circles, triangles, and any shape that you can find in structures and establishments. However, you have to look for the perfect angle when taking pictures of them. Also, they are everywhere – from the trees to the city skyline. You wouldn’t run out of things with them to capture in images.

Watch out for patterns whenever you’re traveling so you can take some for your Instagram feed. They can give an aesthetic appeal to your profile page.

Make use of the aperture

Most smartphones today have apertures on them, so make full use of it! If you try to take a photo of something intricate, such as a leaf or a small insect, you can use the aperture to focus on that specific object and blur the background. Doing this will make the subject look more appealing and in focus. That is why a lot of photographers love using the aperture.

You might have to try and take a couple of pictures before getting that perfect shot. But it’s worth it once you get a vibrant and beautiful photo.

Tell a story

The most important thing that you should do when taking photos during your travel is to tell your journey’s story. You want your loved ones, followers, and other people to see what you experienced and saw. Documenting it through photos is the perfect way to do so.

Try to show what you feel at that moment by having someone take a candid photo of you. That will help tell a story rather than staging every single shot. So, show your natural self in a new environment.

Make use of the lines

Have you noticed how travel bloggers have that asymmetrical look to their feed and photos? The secret to that is making use of leading lines, which is a huge trend these days.

Leading lines are also easy to find – you can find some in buildings, roadways, windows, and bridges. These lines lead the viewer’s gaze to a certain point in the image. They will make everything easier to center the shot and make you or another object the focal point.

Having fun while taking these photos is essential, as that is most likely the main reason why you decided to travel. Remember, if you want to get professional photos for your travel, you can hire a professional so that you would have perfect photos to remember your trips.

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