13 Best Taper Haircut To Try This Year!

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Taper Haircut

Women have a lot of things to style their hair with! Aren’t men feeling a little left behind? Not to feel bad, guys, I am here with some amazingly cool taper haircuts that you can try, giving you a dashing personality and women swooning over you!

The haircut also has a mixture of fade at the sides. However, there is more texture and less skin exposure in this cut. In the Taper, the hair is longer, so if you do not want really short hair, make it clear to your barber that you do not wish to fade.

It is quite easy to get confused, but the look will give you an intense and mature vibe. You also would not have to worry about maintaining it too much!

What Is A Taper Haircut?

What Is A Taper Haircut

The taper haircut is where you have longer hair at the top of the head while it gets shorted at the back of the head. It is big this season, and there is a reason behind it! One of the biggest reasons is low maintenance.

The changing climate makes it difficult for both men and women to maintain healthy hair. Men can have this haircut, so they save time keeping it.

13 Coolest Taper Haircut You Can Try 2023!

The taper fade haircut style is considered unisex as it can be opted for both men and women. The haircut has a textured haircut on the top of the head while the hair thins down at the nape of the neck.

This look is quite sexy when you look at the head from the back. The appeal is intense; however, you must have voluminous hair to carry this look. Now we suggest certain looks that can be tweaked to either have a formal look or a messy look! It depends on you!

1. Layered Quiff

This slicked-back quiff is the look where the end of the hair is tapered off. There is a contrast between the top of the hair texture and the nape of the neck.

So why is the word quiff used? The meaning of quiff is related to the creation of volume and height.

Men often prefer this hairstyle when they want to create sophistication along with clear mines. It is a fashionable hairstyle which is quite trending nowadays.

Layered Quiff

2. A High Taper

A High Taper

The Taper is high at the end of the head, while there are horizontal lines between the top and the head’s nape. In the taper cut, you will have the hair gradually growing and changing from one length to another.

The cut is classic, thick and clean where the haircut is quite trending. The hairstyle is perfect if you are a corporate man or a college student who is working hard in life. It is less headache but more stylish.

3. A Low Taper

The Taper is low, and the hair is cut close to the ear giving it a faded look. Apart from that, the texture of the hair in a low taper fade haircut is of a different pattern on the top of the head.

A Low Taper

4. Textured Classic

Textured Classic

A classic cut where textures are performed to make the hair small. It is nothing special, but it is low maintenance.

At times, it is designed in such a way that the haircut is less structured and there are layers added to it.

5. Taper And Side Part

In this taper haircut black color, you will have a side part and texture at the head’s crown. You can style your hair using gel to give it a classic look.

Taper And Side Part  

6. Casual Brush with Taper at the sides

Casual Brush with Taper at the sides  

The Taper will not be applied on the top of the head. Instead, the look should have a casual brush and tapered down at the side of the head. You can completely finger comb this hairstyle, thus, achieving volume along with this haircut.

7. Brush Up With Layered Taper

It is another scissor crop where you will get perfection, especially with the brush back. Your look will be quite interesting if you wear the taper fade haircut black color with black giving a chilly personality vibe.

Brush Up With Layered Taper  

8. High Volume Hairstyle With Taper At The end

High Volume Hairstyle With Taper At The end  

This haircut gives your hair a tall look, creating a silhouette across your head and facial features. You must provide your hair with a wet look by applying the gel. You can add accessories such as ear studs or stubble to have the full effect.

9. Classic Taper With Beard

This look is more relatable for the big dudes out there, as pairing a beard with the classic taper cut will make you look hot! Please keep it simple with the taper cut, where the thickness of the hair is cut in a way that fades out.

The length of the fade will not be that long; however, pairing it with a beard will give you a mature look! It will be better to have a natural hairline; people with receding hairline can neglect it.

Classic Taper With Beard

10. Medium Scissor Crop In Classic Taper

Medium Scissor Crop In Classic Taper  

The classic Taper is about gradually shortening the hair, where drastic sections are created between long and short sections. The haircut has no preferred length; you can have whatever you like! It is the basic characteristic of any barber to give you this haircut.

Remember to blow dry your hair before you leave for the day. It will add to the volume of the hair! Your look will also be enhanced! How about looking like a Disney Prince?

11. Textured Wavy Crop

The classic Taper is less dramatic, yet it is classy as heck! Take advantage of the wavy form to integrate with the textured cut or hair accessories like gel. The crop cut will create a hair pattern that is perfect for showing off your wavy lock or sporting a textured head of locks!

The pattern you choose for the haircut is perfect any way you sport it. With your wavy locks, the tapered side will further enhance your look.

Textured Wavy Crop  

12. Pompadour Along With Tapered Sides

Pompadour Along With Tapered Sides  

Want to sport a daredevil look? The mens taper haircut will give you a look that gives you a feeling of living on the edge. Man! You have to have no limit; go to extremes if you are trying out this look! The Pompadour look has voluminous hair on a specific side of the head.

The other side of the head has a tapered cut, while the end of the hair is trimmed. The hairstyle is quite stylish, and you need a vibrant character to sport this hairstyle. No words are required to describe you if you wear this hairstyle!

It is a versatile look that will go well with traditional and informal clothing and accessories. You will look sharp if you sport a sharp suit, while you will look cool when you pair a tee and casual jeans with the haircut.

13. Businessman’s Tapered haircut

Want to look all business-like and keep the hair spick and span? Try this haircut! Businessman’s tapered haircut is perfect for a busy lifestyle, so you don’t need to maintain it often.

The haircut will be tapered at the sides with a short quiff in the front, giving you a dapper and neat look. This look is perfect for all face shapes as it enhances facial features.

Businessman's Tapered haircut  


So how are you changing your look this season? Go ahead and try out the tapered haircut; it will be perfect to give you an edge. Aren’t you the brooding and intense type? It also helps as it is low maintenance.

Comment to us regarding the best haircut from all the ones I discussed in this article and which one you like the most.

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