The Fifth Studio Album “1989” By Taylor Swift Will Not Have Mathew Healy!  

News by  Rishab Dey 19 September 2023

The Fifth Studio Album “1989” By Taylor Swift Will Not Have Mathew Healy!

According to the reports, the 1989 studio album is being re-released on 27 October 2023, which is Taylor’s version! Many people are spreading the rumor that in the recorded album, which is out in October, Matty Healy, who is Taylor’s ex, might appear with his band 1975.

Her fans are waiting for her re-recorded album 1989 with excitement and hope! While there are rumors that the band 1975 and Taylor’s ex Healy, who is a band member, might appear in the album 1989, Taylor’s representatives confirmed that no such thing is happening!

It was informed to Billboard on 14 September in a statement that neither Taylor’s ex nor the band 1975 will appear in the album! The rumors of Matty Healy dating Taylor Swift started when Matty was spotted in the Eras Tour concerts of Taylor in Philadelphia and Nashville!

In April, Taylor broke up with Joe Alwyn after six years of being in a relationship with him, and fans worldwide were heartbroken! After that, reports surfaced that she was dating Matty Healy, which was further fueled when both Healy and Alwyn were seen holding hands.

In New York City, Taylor was seen out with Healy on a double date with Jack Antonoff and his wife, Margaret Qualley, who at that time was his girlfriend at Casa Cipriani. However, nothing confirms their dating back then, and now, it is expected to be over, considering Healy was seen out with ex Meredith Mickelson!

He was dating Mickelson before his whirlwind romance with Taylor kicked off! Taylor and Healy have known each other for some years. They met in 2014 at one of his Hollywood concerts and exchanged numbers even though the Australian-based songwriter denied anything was happening at that time!

The two have kept in touch over the years as they are both members of creative circles! However, they did team up with Matty’s band 1975 and Taylor for one of her songs in the album Midnights; however, it did not come out!

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